Utter Chaos

The 1st great Superpower of Full Contact Trivia and it can argued that the standard they set has never been eclipsed.

Utter Chaos began playing early on at Loco’s Briarcliff and immediately owned the room. For five years they held that location under their collective boot and were not shy about declaring their superiority.

James (fucking) Budd’s finger wave still causes triviaheads from that location night sweats and teeth grinding…

Two time world champions (MTM I & V), two time runners up (II & VI) and a 3rd (IV) in tournament play is the most top three finishes in tournament history (along with Buckhead Rednecks).

If Full Contact Trivia had a Mount Rushmore, Utter Chaos would be the 1st team on…
Utter Chaos was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at March Trivia Madness II.
Mr James Budd is one of only two players in history to procure two seats in the ancient and Mysterious order of the Tassel…

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