Lifetime Achievement Award winner for 2011 is Kramerica.

Kramerica have been playing on Wednesday nights for a loooong time. They were one of the ‘Big Dogs’ at Loco’s Wednesday night for the entire decade-long run of that location.

Like Beefsteak’s Back and Utter Chaos before them, they carved out a considerable space of their own in the most difficult evening of trivia we’ve ever hosted.

I forget their original team name, and it wasn’t even at Loco’s if I recall correctly – it was at ‘Dixie Tavern’ in Buckhead. I think some form of the ‘Wachovia Wing’ of Kramerica began playing there in the 3 or so months I hosted that show for ‘Studio One Entertainment’ (may she forever rest in peace) and followed me to a location or two before settling in @ Loco’s.

These guys are a top 10 all time team when they are all present and accounted for.

Johnny Mack says some of the most numbing things you will ever hear a human being utter (“the Clash is NOT a punk band” – “NFL GMs don’t waste time looking at film, that’s what scouts are for” – “Mike Vick is NOT a QB, he should be returning punts or something” … I could go on…) but the guy can flat out play Full Contact Trivia.

Before he took his one man traveling tent revival to Charlotte, Kramerica was 10 points better -EVERY NIGHT.  Sammy is one of the best known FCT characters ever and serves as the moral compass, movie/TV guru, and all around check padder. They’ve added Secret Santa’s Quen (and the dark element of evil that he brings along with him wherever he goes), Gary, Gerk, Christy, Alex (and the “girl (space) friend”) and a slew of talent that is ever revolving these days… You line up Mac, Sammy, Keith, Lee, Mike, Quen, Gary, Gerk, Christy, and Alex – and that’s as good a team as there is in our little universe.

One of the biggest spending and tipping teams ever. One of the easiest going teams ever. THE per person record holder for a single regular season check in FCT (a record they share with My Hot Boss – on the same night).

1 Response to Kramerica

  1. Sam says:

    Ah, the Chocolate Cake Shots. I believe the tab was around $600.

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