Beefsteak’s Back

These guys were one of about a half dozen teams that played at the old Loco’s that would thrash trivia teams from any location.

That room would routinely feature heavyweights like Utter Chaos, Papya (420), Kramerica, Beefsteak, Gene Gene, and 5 more teams that I can’t even remember…

It was sad to watch a new team roll into that joint .. It was like dropping a live chicken into a pit of Hyenas – gruesome.

Beefsteak distinguished themselves in this, the toughest venue of all time, by routinely placing and often winning. They are one of the finest movie trivia teams ever – as evidenced by their 3rd place finish at the N@tM event recently (and they’ll tell you they should have won).

They show up off the street at James Joyce, in the middle of the cumulative when everyone cares – A LOT, and snatch 2nd place as if they’ve been doing it every week.

Josh & Dave have always been the hub of this wheel and they’d be welcome additions to any trivia team today.

Josh’s sister Jamie is a baby doll that shot me down with ruthless efficiency more times than I care to mention – that’s real life smarts right there…

In spite of them never having garnered any major titles, much like Maroons or Experience, they were just too good for too long against blistering competition to keep out, not that I was inclined to.

They are one of out top 10 teams of all time, and when the entire crew was playing back in the day, they were a steamroller…

It is good to see them still occasionally popping up from time to time and still keeping ‘in form’ .. It is a testament to their considerable ability…


Bobby, Josh, and Dave at Night At The Movies I

2 Responses to Beefsteak’s Back

  1. God says:

    Adrian Woodhouse!!!

  2. Dave says:

    I will punch you in the mouth, God.

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