The Maroons

The Maroons were an ‘Original Venue’ team along with 3 Amigos, Experience, Unanimous Dissension, and parts of #9.

They began life as a husband and wife team and grew into a dominating force. This was the original ‘2 QB’ team. Most teams have a single guy (rarely girl) that supplies about half the answers, the trick is to fill in the other half. Maroons were the 1st team with two of these guys. The gaps were more than adequately filled in by the other 3-5 players.

When you think Maroons, think the Braves in the 90s. They OWNED the regular season for long stretches, but always seemed to fizzle in the World Series, and for no diagnosable reason. They finally broke through with a Standing Crybaby Trophy (Runner Up) at MTM VIII.

As I recall, one of the children got #10 correct which was just enough juice to allow them to survive #20 and finish 2nd.

One of the winning-est teams in FCT and a favorite to finish well in ANY room to this very day…

1 Response to The Maroons

  1. clint says:

    it was the little girl. #10 was about the cartoon dinosaur and she nailed it.

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