Things to know for MTM XIII

Date: April 19, 2014
Time: 2 PM

*** Make sure you have RSVP’d on Facebook to either Full Contact Trivia, Triviaheads, or your local host.  Get that information to them pronto if you haven’t.

*** Absolutely no cell phones allowed inside the building.  Anything resembling a cell phone, a bar of soap, a block of wood that can fit into the palm of your hand – all of these things get you disqualified ON SIGHT.  This is our Super Bowl, people.  We won’t be in the mood for explanations.  Leave it in the car, or leave it with Bobby.

*** Get there on time (see below post for what that means), and read through the clipboard given to you.  There is vital – VITAL – information in it… Make sure to read up on duties for the Captain, Runner, Scribe, and Server Liason (or go over to FCT on facebook today and read it).

See you there, and good luck!

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