Record Book


126 – Number 9
124 – B8shaq
124 – United
124 – Much Ado About Muffins
123 – Alliance (and others)


114 – Buckhead Rednecks (March Trivia Madness VII)

Smallest Winning MTM Team

3 – Buckhead Rednex (March Trivia Madness IV)

Consecutive wins at 1 location

8- Questionable Answers (Bottom of the Cup)
8 – United (Amici’s)

Lowest Score

Legendary (2012): -10
VT Sigs (1999):  -9
Reapers (2012): -9

Overtime Dough

Thomas Hinson (Kitten Mittens) – $1,517

Solo Score

Brent Blackwell – 113
Bobby Nettles – 109

Solo Winners (@ Bobby’s games)
Chad Adams (Jimmy Jams; x2)
Brent Blackwell (Alliance; x5)
Matt Crowder (Fulmer’s Fat Ass)
Billy Daniels (Phasers)
Steve Haase (#9; multiple times)
Quen Henderson (Kramerica; x2)
Chris Jervis (Let Go Of My Ears; x4)
Bobby Nettles
Scott Rollins (Denim Chicken; x2) (twice in 3 days, during MTM XII)
Mike Staley (United; X2)

15 Responses to Record Book

  1. Fletch says:

    how about top scores….meaning not only the best all-time. I know B8SHAQ tied the 2nd highest game score with a 124…basically i am just pleading for a little props…not too much to ask to have played for 5ish years at Molly O’Shea’s, Amici, and Allen’s


    • Brent Blackwell says:

      I’d like to put all that stuff in eventually. Team bios too… But Bobby will have to give me details. These were the only records I knew of.

      • God says:

        Some of that stuff will take time to ferret out.

        My new plan is to eventually go through every email and every MySpace blog one at a time to see what is there, but that will take time and who knows what will have fallen through the cracks…

      • Bob says:

        Unless it’s been broken since, Matt Crowder (Fulmer’s Fatt Ass, later one of the founding members of United) has the record for the highest single-player score. He scored 96 points (I think…Bobby knows for sure) playing by himself one night. That’s worthy of mention, imo. [I tried to post this earlier but it didn’t show up. Apologies if there’s a double post somewhere.]

  2. God says:

    B8shaq has more than one Sports Award. How many and what Games did they win them?

  3. Bryan says:

    Was the Alliance win streak @ Sportsline not over 8 games?

    • God says:

      I dunno, was it?

      I can’t say for certain how long that was and it seemed like there was a 2nd mixed in here or there..

      I KNOW they had 8 in a row… Jeff Schade reminds me of it every time I see him…

  4. The Maroons says:

    I’m pretty sure we had a run of 7 or 8 wins in a row at the Ruby Tuesdays in Decatur. Of course that’s not saying much since our main competition were teams like Old Skool and Taz & Tweety.

  5. Brent Blackwell says:

    Bob – I think I topped that once at Braselton or Suwanee… Robbie from Muffins scored 105 on one of my games that Bobby used elsewhere… I once scored 118 by myself in Boiler Room, but unfortunately I let a chick tag along and sit there. I nicknamed her “Asterisk” and she didn’t get it…

  6. God says:

    I threw down a much ballyhooed solo game over 100 in a game TJ hosted…

    I defeated Muffins who scored something close to 100. I think I had a 109 fwiw.

    I kick ass …

  7. God says:

    Steve Haas has at least 5 solo wins and if I had to bet, I’d say it could possibly be as many as 8…

  8. mike staley says:

    I had a solo win several years ago at Jeffries’ in Braselton.

  9. God says:

    Solo *WIN* or solo top 3?

    Remind me so we can add you…

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