3 Amigos

The 1st recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award are a team only Maroons and perhaps Experience have any recollection of.

They began as a two person team (Jim & Jan, the only 2 names I remember from that group) @ Taco Mac in 1998-ish. They played on a whim, got crushed and I assumed that would be that.

Next week they showed up with their sons and maybe a girlfriend or two – so maybe a team of 7 or 8. Eventually they began placing regularly although they were never a dominant team.

What they were was probably far more important – they were loyal and they were tacitly supportive. What I mean by that is they more than any other early team brought me to the understandings that created Full Contact Trivia – Don’t be afraid to write a difficult question, don’t be afraid to be a character or a freak on the microphone, trust that someone is picking up what you’re putting down…

By the time they were at their apex, they were bringing over 10 people every week and sometimes as many as 15-18.

Very kind people and the fact that we’re here at all is due in large part to this team.  They disappeared right after March Trivia Madness I and I’ve only seen them one time since.

They are sorely missed…

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