MTM XIII Arrival Times

Bobby: When a restaurant gets 250 people all at once, very few people get decent service unless the joint is staffed with waitering & bartending ninjas like myself..

Unfortunately these are as rare as a Kerlin with connective brain tissue, so we have a system for helping …

We stagger arrival times for teams so that the restaurant can handle the load and everyone has a good experience.

Your arrival time is based on your order of finish in the cumulative.

IT IS IMPORTANT that your GROUP arrives at the prescribed time and is seated in whole and begins ordering so that by the time the next wave comes in, the food and beverages for your group are already handled.

DO NOT FLAUNT THIS ARRIVAL TIME. Respect the competition, your competitors, and the venue by adhering to this policy.

Arrival times
12:15 – Fetus, Hazel, Coconuts, 4 Ponies

12:30 – Peter, Samurai, FFA, Pregnant

12:45 – #9, Challenged, HFB, Phasers

1:00 – Rash, Playboys, CB.c, Oedipus

1:15 – LnF, Ray, BBvBoE, Muffins

1:30 – Rednecks, Jimmy Jams, Axis, United

arriving early is fine, but you may have to order from the bar or wait until your server can get to you.

If you stick to your arrival time you’ll be fine.. Get in, get down, get ordered, and get after it…

Good Luck

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