# 9

I don’t remember exactly when #9 began playing, but I do remember when I 1st took notice.

It was at the conclusion of MTM III and as I was scrolling through the names announcing the scores of the losers, best of the rest was this team I didn’t really know – #9.

#9? I remember they had joined via a proxy (hell, I don’t even remember who paid for them).. There may have been 3 players in attendance – 4th place. I remember thinking, that’s pretty strong… I’ll bet they’re pretty pleased.

Hardly. Big Steve was kicking himself over two answers that would have won the thing..

It was at that moment I knew #9 were something special.

#9 won the St. Patrick’s Cup in 2006. Frankly, they were overdue. There are a pair of 2nd place trophies that serve as bookends for that big trophy. They also were the runners-up for the WCOT. Over the span of the last 6 or 7 years, they are arguably the most consistent winning team in FCT.

#9 is one of THOSE teams… Even if you don’t play with them every week, if you hear their score called in a point update, you remember the name.

When big Steve comes walking in, you know his team has a chance – even if he’s alone. I’d guess Steve has won more solo games in FCT history than any other player.

They have absorbed Jim from the erstwhile End of the Bar team which means there are two members of the Ancient and Mysterious Order of the Tassel contributing to their effort. They are deep, feared, multi-faceted, and very strong.

They are #9

MVP Steve Haase

1 Response to # 9

  1. God says:

    The only perfect game in the history of Full Contact Trivia.

    14 years and counting and there has been ONE perfect game – #9.

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