Unanimous Dissension

Unanimous Dissension are the last of the ‘Original Venue’ teams along with Maroons, Experience, and the ‘End of the Bar’ guys that currently find themselves on #9.

I vaguely remember them playing as ‘Amsterdam’ early on and i remember they were very young – but good.

As time passed they grew into a very, VERY good set. When UD were all present, they were a lead pipe cinch to finish in the top 3 – ALWAYS. When you consider who was in the room with them, that’s stout.. and they were that rarest of team outside of Athens (and this was previous my move into Athens trivia), a teen/20something team that was competing with adults without whining – and claiming their share.

These guys paved the way for me moving successfully into Athens while maintaining the difficulty that attracts triviaheads – of all ages – to our shows.

Since these days, UD have added the Seigles, and Chris (Abbott) to their already potent lineup – this put them over the top and they became truly great.

One of the best music teams ever, one of the best – if not THE best history team of all time and very, very solid on everything else.

As with most teams that started playing in the 90s, life has separated them and they find themselves outside of an easy get together because of children, relationships, geography, etc… but if the Unanimous Dissension crew shows up with more than 4 people, there’s a very good chance they’ll beat you…

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