Buckhead Rednecks

Buckhead Rednecks are, along with Utter Chaos, the most feared Full Contact Trivia team of all time.

They are the finest tournament team in our history.

Four St. Patrick’s Cups and a pair of 3rds are the envy of every single FCT team.

The only player to ever receive 4 tassels, Mr. Ken Cargill is arguably the greatest single player in our considerable pantheon of talent.

They have posted the TWO highest final scores ever, they won MTM IV with just 3 players, etc, etc, etc…

The team began quite early in my trivial career @ Jocks & Jills on Peachtree & 10th.

The elder and younger Mr. Newman would catch a game while waiting on the Braves Shuttle. They would often win.  Since 1998, they have bounced around to a dozen locations following FCT.

As team QB, Mike has thoughtfully assembled a ruthless bunch that are playing for one thing – to win.

An example of this was the last 3rd place finish they achieved. 3rd place at a MTM Final is a HUGE accomplishment.

Buckhead Rednecks left without collecting the trophy.

It wasn’t an example of them big timing the achievement, it was more an expression of profound disappointment. If you are the Buckhead Rednecks – THIRD SUCKS!

I mentioned to Mike the following year that I still had the trophy and he was glad to take it.. but in that moment, the best tonic was to bounce.

They have a 4th place finish that was an eyelash from a win as well.

The Buckhead Rednecks are a terrible opponent and are a credit to our competition whenever they play.

If you can look at the score sheet from ANY MTM and find your name above theirs, you played well…

If Full Contact Trivia has an equivalent of the ’85 Bears, this is it…

Buckhead Rednecks basking in the afterglow of March Trivia Madness IX – their 3rd title.

Here’s the full squad after winning March Trivia Madness X:

1 Response to Buckhead Rednecks

  1. God says:

    add a 4th St. Patrick’s Cup to the shelf. MTM X = Buckhead Rednecks victory.

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