Why We Play

Full Contact Trivia is not something that everyone can do.

Much like Golf, Chess, or more physical sports, it requires certain abilities that are both genetically received, and honed through effort and attitude. We go through 20 or more teams for every one that stays and plays regularly. These are the tip of the iceberg… the worthy few. They enjoy daylight, perspective, and insight, while the vast majority spend their lives in an underwater & murky world of ‘wannabe’ and ‘never was’ .

When you win, place, or show at a Full Contact Trivia event, the sense of accomplishment is palpable. You have tried and succeeded at something hard. You have defeated other very smart people in an exercise of the mind. You have answered correctly questions that irritate the average person.

“Who the F*ck knows this stuff?” Hmmmm… I wonder…

You are eating and drinking on the restaurants’ dime, as it should be.
Rare examples of justice in a world run by monkeys.

In short, we play because we can, and because somebody has to.
Keep the faith trivia heads….

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