Oedipus & the Mama’s Boys

These guys came around football season of ’04 in Athens. I vaguely remember a few of their early goofy team names (mostly because they’ve reminded me) – Christopher Reeve’s 100 yard dash is one they’re particularly proud of..

I remember they didn’t win much, but there weren’t very many of them either – yet.

Maybe two of the originals survived for the ’05 football season (Mike and Geoff – and I mean, how smart can these two be? One had the same girlfriend all through college and the other can’t even spell Jeff)

Fortunately reinforcements arrive in ’05 (see what I did there – arrive and ’05) and they began to collect house cash more regularly and quickly made the jump up to the top of the scoresheet.

In all fairness, these guys, along with Unanimous Dissension, are the most talented young team we’ve ever had at Full Contact Trivia.

By 2006, they actually had the lead at the two minute warning of MTM but didn’t know #20 and fell back to around 5th.

I made a habit of picking these guys to finish 5th or 6th for a few years because they were pretty dependable to do just that.

Our 1st OT at a MTM was between Oedipus & Buckhead Rednecks for 3rd in MTM VIII and Rednecks took ’em down.

Oedipus absorbed a few members of Level 22 Kill Screen (another WAY above average young team fwiw) and finally found their way to the podium at last years BRUTAL MTM IX finale’ with a tough 3rd place finish behind Buckhead Rednecks & United.

They have played in at least 12 venues over the years and have been the most improved and precocious team we’ve had over that span with the possible exception of Alliance and maybe Muffins.

These three teams are the young lions, the new generation looking to knock some OGs off the podium and start claiming their share of the limelight.

Oedipus is the tip of that spear.

Because of graduation and getting jobs and what not, these guys find themselves spread between Athens, various parts of the metro and far flung locations like Chicago and Godforsaken New Jersey.

When you see teams like Bobby Brown & Horsedick.mpeg, you’re looking at the bastard children of Oedipus.

Great teams produce great offspring.

This (2011) is the 1st year the Oedipus banner hasn’t been flown at a finals in half a decade, but their grubby little fingerprints are still to be found all around you…


3 Responses to Oedipus & the Mama’s Boys

  1. God says:

    It warms my crusty old heart to see the Oedipus name on the pairs game RSVP list…

  2. clint says:

    we’ll be back as oedipus next year

  3. Pat says:

    I have always taken full credit for making oedipus a winning team (i’m the d00d in the tiger shirt and cutoff jorts)

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