Announcing March Trivia Madness XIV


Here we go again children, another tournament season draws nigh. Oh the pageantry, history, traditions, outright audacity and gall of this event. It defies the English language’s halting attempts at describing it and must truly be Experienced.  And with that, it is with great humility and auspicious hope that I extend any reading this the opportunity to participate in the world’s greatest trivia tournament, March Trivia Madness XIV.

2015 Tournament season:


  • The 9th Annual Trivia Bowl, Friday, February 13th at Elder Tree Public House
  • The 5th Annual Night at the Movies Extravaganza , Friday, March 6th location TBD
  • The 4th Annual Etta James Memorial Music Classic , Friday, April 3rd location TBD


March Trivia Madness will culminate in Super Saturday, April 25th – location to be determined.

The rules for the uninitiated

March Trivia Madness is broken down into two parts, The Cumulative and Super Saturday.

 First you must earn your invitation. To earn an invitation to play, you must finish in the top 3 of a FCT nightly show & be the highest non-qualified team that night. You will then have 1 week to pay the $100 entry fee. If you do not pay your fee by the time Question #1 flies the following week, your qualification bubble period will have busted and you will have to re-qualify. Please note, each year there are a couple of “auto-qualify” shows that take place. Show up, play the game, pay the fee, and you are in. Follow us at to look for the dates of those shows. Beware: Time and time again we see teams not take advantage of an early qualification thinking they will be able to re-qualify again before time runs out only to not be able to. If you have the advantage of entering early DO IT!


Once you’re qualified…

 The Cumulative

 Prizes will be given to the TOP 10 Teams of the Cumulative, the Best Schwag at the Finals, More Convenient Arrivals Times for the Finals, and more!

The Cumulative Championship is recognized as the 2nd most prestigious title in Full Contact Trivia, only bested by winning Super Saturday and becoming World Champion.

The Cumulative is 9 weeks long and requires each team to play at least once/week. Any score tallied at any FCT location will count. Your best single evening of any given week will be counted towards your cumulative. Performance Points are awarded for top three finishes:

1st – 6 points, 2nd – 4 points, 3rd – 2 points

Yes, this is slightly diminished from its previous 9, 6, 3

In years past these have accrued separately from your weekly total, but that rule has changed. You may now select just one evening to post, meaning a 4th place 95 on Tuesday followed by a 1st place 85 (+6=91) on Wednesday would post as a 95 assuming no further games were played.

Your scores will accumulate even if you haven’t yet earned your invitation. (ie. If you play weeks 1-3 and don’t qualify until week 4, your scores from weeks 1-3 will carry over). So don’t panic if you don’t qualify in week 1. And if your score isn’t where you want it to be, play another show that week. A tournament week this year begins on Sunday and Ends on Thursday. Your highest score is the one that counts. So if you do badly on a Sunday, take advantage of a show later in the week. Want to ensure a good score? Play early and often.

 The Finals – SUPER SATURDAY – The World Championships of Full Contact Trivia

On Saturday, April 25th at 2:00pm at a venue to be determined, the holiest of all Full Contact Trivia Events will begin, the Finals of the 14th Annual March Trivia Madness.

The number of people allowed on your team is determined by the number of chairs you earned during the Cumulative.

You will receive a chair at the finals for each 100 cumulative points scored with the following modifiers:

  A reduction of 5 points/chair required for each Major Game played (ie; play a Major and you receive a chair for every 95 points scored. Play two and it goes to 90…)

You will earn a chair for each Major game won


Any extra available chairs will be sold in our usual way – one at a time in order of cumulative finish. We’ll repeat in like manner until gone. That money will go to the McNuttski winner (the highest average tab per person on Super Saturday. So named in honor of the awe-inspiring consumption of the McNuttski team)

The Final Game will be the format that you’ve grown to love with a restaurant of more than 200 of your fellow FCT Triviaheads. It’s not just a trivia game, it’s an event. Prizes earned from the tournament season will be awarded at the time. Inductions into FCT’s Ancient and Mysterious Order of the Tassel will take place but more importantly…

One team will be crowned the Full Contact Trivia World Champions.

Kickoff begins with the Trivia Bowl on Friday February 13th.

 Follow us at the following places to stay completely informed about March Trivia Madness


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