The Alliance

This year’s Lifetime Achievement Winner is Alliance (MTM XI, 2012).

Alliance are a conglomeration that assembled itself in an effort to thwart the juggernaut we know as United. They are a well balance combination of members from B8Shaq, Strokin (et al), & Jimmy Jams among others.

Since forming, they have won every secondary trophy available except the ‘Etta’. They have placed in the top 5 for MTM and in the top 10 5 times (including their previous iterations).

Led by the duel QB system of Brent Blackwell & Bryan Crawford during their earliest years, they are now driven by Mr. Blackwell & Skip ‘Pops’ Putnam since Crawford has found a girl that will go places with him in his car. This team will boast FIVE separate tassels by the end of Saturday – an all time record. Balanced, smart, and capable…They are the terror of the Home Run Derby, Slam Dunk Contest, and NHL Skills competition whenever they play and will one day add larger game to their trophy case.Congratulations to Alliance for their contributions to our community and to their ever broadening success…


  • Pairs Game I champion
  • Pairs Game II 3rd place
  • Pairs Game III 1st & 2nd place
  • Night at the Movies I champion
  • Night at the Movies III 3rd place
  • Etta James Memorial Music Game 3rd place
  • Cumulative champion – MTM VIII
  • 5 time top 10 finisher at MTM (though never top 3)
  • Trivia Bowl V champion
  • Trivia Bowl VI champion
  • 5 A&MOooT members boasting 7 total tassels

The Alliance at MTM XI

Tassel winner and Co-QB Bryan Crawford after Trivia Bowl V

Tassel winners Skip “Pops” Putnam & Jeff Putnam

Tassel winner, co-QB, and team captain Brent Blackwell, adorned with past spoils

Tassel winner John Duckworth, MVP of Trivia Bowl V

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