The Experience

Another original venue team and the most talented team in FCT without a trophy. I would be lying if I said I don’t look forward to the day when Experience INEVITABLY win the big game. I told Brent I might actually cry.

Started at the old Duluth Taco Mac and immediately became a power. I remember them playing as ‘RTFM’ and the E-Funk All Stars as well..

Members have come and gone but the core is still intact. Big John Parr is a legend in the FCT world, Jason, Darren, Rod (perhaps the single best music trivia player on Earth) and Kim (one of the top 5 female players ever) David (both of them), Andi, Sandy, etc…

These guys are the lone remaining team to have played in every MTM Final. They have arguably won more games and house cash than any other FCT in history. They are legends by any standard.

John @ Night At The Movies I:  


The Experience @ MTM II

2 Responses to The Experience

  1. God says:

    If they answer ‘Gibraltr’ on #20 (the only team in the room with Gibraltr in the conversation) at this game, they win the St. Patrick Cup – and imvho, probably another one eventually as well…

    That afternoon placed a very large monkey on their collective back that has stubbornly refused to get off…

  2. God says:

    update – Experience break into the top 3 of a MTM finals with a little baby trophy @ MTM X

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