United (96)
Much Ado About Muffins (94)

A scintillating final game between worthy adversaries sees United tenaciously hold off Muffins1 for their 2 World Cup of Trivia.

Muffins held a double digit halftime lead and looked to be safe after United threw 6 points away on Question #12. Sitting on 34 points heading into question #13 meant United had 2 more disposable points for the entire game.

There were a few land mines in front of them …- #’s 13, 15, 17, and 20 all could trip up very good trivia teams.

United hammered them all down for a 96-94 win.

The game:

1. NBA – What is the name of the NBA player union’s executive director?

2. Destruction – Which requires more force to shatter, a coconut or a human head?

3.  Dickens – Which was written first, Great Expectations or Oliver Twist?

4. South Park – What is Butters’ real name (first and last name)?

5. Music – “J”
1. Jadakiss
2. Jars of Clay
3. Jaggerz
4. J. Geils Band

6. NASCAR – Since 2001, how many NASCAR drivers have been suspended for infractions committed on the track?

7. TV – Steve McGarrett was portrayed by what actor on the original Hawaii Five-O?

8. Food – What type of cooking technique gets its name from a particular type of small lobster?

9. Toys – What 1978 Texas Instruments toy was one of the 1st to use removable cartridges and was one of the 1st to speak?

10. Toys – Which is NOT one of the original Beanie Babies?
A. Flash the Dolphin
B. Squealer the Pig
C. Spot The Dog
D. Splash the Whale
E. All were

11. College Football – If you are at a Pac-12 game being played at “The Farm”, what school’s stadium are you at?

12. Music – What group’s 75 million albums sold worldwide make them the best selling girl group in history?

13. Science – On the Moh’s Hardness scale, talc is the softest mineral.  Which mineral is 2nd softest?

14. Dogs – The Rottweiler is in which AKC group?

15. Music – “E”
1. Estelle
2. Expose
3. Enigma
4. Exile

16. College BBall – How many men’s Division 1 basketball coaches have won 1000 games?

17. Historical Nicknames – What 19th century American general was nicknamed “Old Fuss and Feathers?”

18. Disney – Henry the Bear hosts what Disney World attraction?

19. Children’s Literature – “The Great Honey Hunt” was the 1962 introduction of what beloved family to children’s literature?

20. Rasslin’ – Andre The Giant only lost one match in his career.  This occurred at which Wrestlemania?


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