Trivia Bowl VI

Trivia Bowl VI
Location: Brewhouse of Avondale
Date: February  10, 2012

Champion: The Alliance (108)
Runner-Up: Fulmer’s Fat Ass (91)

1.  AFL – In 1963, what man went 10-4 in his debut season as Raiders head coach less than a year after the franchise had set an AFL record with 19 straight losses?


2. Super Bowl – Who was the last non-QB to be named Super Bowl MVP?


3. Franchise Movement – What was the last year in which the Rams played home games in Los Angeles?


4. WFL – Name either year the World Football League was in existence.


5. Super Bowls – Name the 5 QBs that have started EXACTLY 3 Super Bowls.


6. College – What is the most played rivalry game among FBS schools?


7. Lombardi Award – What UNC player won the 2001 Lombardi Award?


8. Small School Gems – What Azusa Pacific RB would go on to lead the NFL in rushing yards in 1989?


9. WR’s – Justin Blackmon this year won his 2nd straight Biletnikoff Award.  Since 2000, who is the only other WR to win this award twice?


10. Awarded since 1986, the Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant award goes to Division 1’s top head coach.  Who is the only 2-time winner of the award?
A. Nick Saban
B. Joe Paterno
C. Tom Osborne
D. Steve Spurrier
E. None of the above


11. Nicknames – What former Ole Miss Rebel is nicknamed “The Law Firm?”


12. Super Bowl – What 2 teams played in the first ever Super Bowl rematch?


13. NFL – What NFL head coach is the only HC in NFL history to win a playoff game in each of his first 4 seasons?


14. Varieties – Tim Mazetti / Mick Luckhurst / Morten Andersen


15. Fight songs
Big 12 – (Kansas)
SEC – (Kentucky)
ACC – (Miami)
Big 10 – (Penn St)

16. NFL – What employee of the Indian Packing Company founded the Packers in 1919?


17. Coaches – HOF coach Bill Yeoman pioneered the Veer Offense while at what school in the 1960’s?


18. CFL – What player, who attended college in the state of Georgia, was the Canadian Football League MVP in 1989?


19. Rookies of the Year – What 1979 NFL Rookie of the Year would go on to win the Super Bowl MVP award with a different team?


20. From 1901-1905, this man’s ‘point-a-minute’ teams outscored opponents 2821-42 and amassed a 55-1-1 record.  He won 6 National Championships during his career and defeated Stanford 49-0 in the very first Rose Bowl.  Name this original “Michigan man.”


Bobby’s commentary: Trivia Bowl VI was held @ Brewhouse in Avondale with the usual compliment of football savvy teams.

Defending champs Alliance and former champs Bobby’ helped comprise a stout field which included former World Champions #9 and Muffins.

The field got out to a racing start that saw half the field with 20 or more points at the end of the 1st quarter.

The 2nd quarter pared scores down a touch, but not much. Alliance – 46, Chick Filatio – 42, #9 & Bobby Brown – 39.

The game turned for Chick on the #15 fight songs bonus and they fizzled afterward. #9 was able to pull to within a field goal of Alliance to start the 4th qtr, and Bobby Brown had manged to slog through the loss of a 7 point bid in the 2nd qtr to get into 3rd place. Fulmer’s Fat Ass had flown beneath the radar much of the night to be within 6 of 3rd @ 57 and in spite of the disastrous #15, Chick was a point out of the money @ 62.

The 4th qtr saw Alliance put the hammer down and run away and hide, Fulmer took advantage of a correct #20 to jump into 2nd, and #9 wisely and with great discipline managed to hold onto 3rd place with a 2 point bid.

Trivia Bowl IV champs BTS.c came within an eyelash of 3rd, falling 2 points short of #9. BBv.BoE tossed another large bid away and that proved too much, finishing tied with Muffins @ 65.

Pabst Playboys played brilliantly in spots, but suffered their usual 2nd guessing curse to finish well back and Donkey Balls likewise nailed some of the more difficult queries and somehow managed to miss enough of the easy ones to finish solidly adrift of the top 3.

Ray-Ray’s Partay was under-represented and wound up drinking the last place pitcher.


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