Pairs Game III

Date: April 20, 2012

Location:  Brewhouse of Avondale

The game:

1. MLB – Who is the Colorado Rockies’ all-time leader in games played?

2. State trivia – The last two letters of what state’s name also serve as its postal code?

3. Music – What Brazilian style of jazz became popular in the 1960’s among musicians, beatniks, bohemians, and college students?

4. TV – What famous man was one of only 3 black men to ever sit in Archie Bunker’s chair?

5. Music

6.  Soccer – What Italian football giant is nicknamed ‘the old lady?’

7. TV – Kiki Sheppard was the original co-host from what TV series?

8. Geography – America’s greenest city, Portland, OR, sits in the shadow of what mountain?

9. Weather – The strongest non-tornadic wind ever measured was atop what New Hampshire mountain?

10. Travel – It is illegal to pump your own gas in what state?
A. Wyoming
B. Idaho
C. South Dakota
D. North Dakota
E. Some other state

11. NFL – What was the first NFL team to appear in 3 straight Super Bowls?

12. Advertising – What American oil & gas company uses a large green dinosaur as its mascot?

13. Toys – Decepticons that transform into F-15 fighter jets are collectively called what?

14. US History – Which happened first – Kansas becomes a state, or the SC militia fires on Fort Sumter?

15. Rasslin’

16. Stadia – Nicknamed the 8th Wonder of the World, the Astrodome opened in what year?

17. Cartoons – Over the course of King of the Hill, Boomhauer mentions having two jobs.  Name either.

18. Movies – What # did Roy Hobbs wear for the NY Knights in The Natural?

19. Bizarre Geography – Forgotonia is a large segment of what state that seceded from the Union, declared war on the United States, and then promptly surrendered in 1969?

20. Math – What 3rd century Alexandrian mathematician is known as the “Father of Geometry?”

Champions:  The Putnams (Skip ‘Pops’ Putnam & Jeff Putnam)
Runners-up: The Alliance (Brent Blackwell & Bryan Crawford)


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