Pairs Game II

Date: April 15, 2011

Location: Brewhouse in Little 5 Points

The game:

1. Sports – What team’s streak of 18 consecutive losing seasons is the longest in North American sports history?

2. US History – Who was the last ‘Founding Father’ President?

3. Bible – What is the most common book name in the King James Bible?

4. Chick TV – What newspaper does Carrie Bradshaw write for on Sex & The City?

5. Music

6. Boxing – What is the oldest governing body in boxing recognized by the IBHOF?

7. Movies – Set in 1937 Louisiana, Vivian Walker initiates her group of young friends into what self-invented secret order?

8. Varieties – Abenaki / Ho-Chunk / Huron

9. Science – Ice melting in a warm room is an example of what property first described in 1862 by Rudolph Clausius?

10. Measurements – Which of the following is the greatest in distance?
A. Nautical Mile
B. Furlong
C.  League
D. Mile

11. NFL – Who was the 1st RB to win the Super Bowl MVP?

12. SNL – Name the only character to appear as a contestant on each of the first 3 Celebrity Jeopardy spoofs on SNL.

13. Celebrity Marriage – Who did Jim Toth recently marry?

14. Animals – What is the largest member of the Deer family?

15. Music

16. Tennis – Of McEnroe, Connors, or Ashe, who won the most Grand Slam singles titles?

17. Animals – The tiger is the largest member of the cat family.  The lion is 2nd.  What is the 3rd largest cat?

18. War – An aspect of the Battle of the Frontiers, The Battle of the Ardennes was an engagement in what war?

19. Movies – What is Ron Burgundy’s catchphrase in ‘Anchorman?’

20. Military Weaponry – What was the nationality of the first aircraft ever shot down by a US-made stinger missile?


1. #9

2. Yellow Squeegees

3. The Putnams

4. The Alliance
Oedipus also fielded at least one or two teams.


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