MTM X Answers / Bobby’s notes on the game

1) Who was the 1st woman to qualify for and compete in a Daytona 500?
A: Janet Guthrie
*was intended to cover two bases – a girl sports question and an expert 70s question

2) In what month is Sturgis bike week?
A: August
*Random question that could be narrowed down to warm weather months. It was daring you to bid too much after perhaps missing #1. Are you disciplined enough to go 0 for 2 to start the finals without panicking?

3) What fictional characters appear on Pamela Anderson’s lap on the cover of Rolling Stone’s 1996 ‘year in review’ issue?
A: Beavis and Butthead
*Maybe the 1st question that was average difficulty. The plural on this might lead you to Beavis & Butthead who were making a multi-media circuit at about this time.

4) According to the King James Bible, how many people are aboard Noah’s Ark?
A: Eight
*Another ‘average’ difficulty question that most good teams are going to nail. Somewhere in this mix, if you escape with 10-12 points, you’re in pretty good shape.

5) Music – Yes, the music bonuses are tough, they are intended to challenge a GOOD music player. So if you’re AVERAGE, you might get one or two of these. Also, each category is aimed at an above average difficulty level for that player on your team.
Example – Punk. I’m not going to play a Sex Pistols song under Punk. That punishes the person on your team that actually knows Punk. When your grandmother knows the Punk song you just played a pop song…
So, I’m not playing Led Zeppelin, or Duran Duran, or Nirvana in the 70s, 80s, and 90s round… get it?

6) What Washington Wizard is the 1st child of a WNBA player to play in the NBA?
A: JaVale McGee
*Simply stated, the 1st question was aimed at a 70s audience, this was aimed at a 2010 audience. The teams that got this had young players that know sports.

7) What is the Mcilhenny Company’s most famous product?
A: Tabasco Sauce
*This was intended to make the 5 teams that I KNEW would get it wrong suicidal when they saw the Tabasco bottle on their table. FWIW, every table was set with a Tabasco bottle when I set the tables – intentionally.

8) What famous pirate was known as the ‘Sword of England’?
A: Henry Morgan
*Pirate Trivia makes the world a happier place. Everybody gets to talk like a pirate for 30 seconds…

9) From Taxi, what was Latka’s girlfriend named?
A: Simka
*ate 70s/early 80s TV… Because the bonus question coming up is…..

10) Dawson’s Creek was set in what state?

a) North Carolina
c) California
d) Virginia
e) None
*Chick TV. Frankly, I knew this was a trap and I wrote it as one. The hardcore fan knows this show is set in Mass. The casual fan heard it was filmed in North Carolina.. Enough time has passed for the casual fan to get their wires crossed enough to hear North Carolina and jump on that with 10 points – which is a kick in the nuts, but one you deserve. Up until now, you’ve just sort of trudged through the sand and accumulated a ho-hum score, like everyone else.. Here’s where you begin earning your trophy – or giving it to someone else.

11) What Tigers’ hall of famer is the only player in MLB history with more than 300 triples?
A: Sam Crawford
*Trap number two. If #10 staggered you and made you feel desperate, #11 invited you to overlook the little voice in the back of your head screaming “Ty Cobb is too fucking obvious”. This time, the little voice was right. Yes, Ty Cobb is a solid answer and it makes perfect sense in every way. As a matter of fact, Cobb is 2nd in all time triples. But this is MTM and the exercise is, ‘Do you know baseball?’ Sam Crawford is mostly forgotten by the casual fan, but he holds one of the great hitting records in all of MLB history.

12) The patron saint of bachelors, sailors, and travel – St. Christopher is often depicted as having the head of what animal?
A: Dog
*Perhaps the toughest question of the game aside from #20. Even our resident religious expert, Amberly of Rash got it wrong. The only team to nail this was Balls to the Wall. Solid.

13) What 1966 Jacquelyn Susann novel is set in 1945 New York and focuses on 3 young women who attain fantastic success and ultimate destruction?
A: Valley of the Dolls
*OK, here’s the yin to #11’s yang. Jacquelyn Susann novel? The big one is Valley of the Dolls. Can’t be that easy can it? We just got burned by one of these – right? If you over-thought this chances are, you’re caught up in the game’s inertia and its out of your control by now… You’re no longer answering questions, you’re trying to get yourself loose from this motherfucking game – you are in its spin cycle by now.

14) How many people did fictional character Karl Childers kill in a 1996 movie?
A: Three
*Karl Childers killed 3 people in Slingblade. His parents gave him a barely alive premature baby when he was 7 years old and he buried it while it was tenuously clinging to life. That’s not killing the already dying baby. Technically, the answer to this question is, was, and shall always be – three.
However, the teams that wrote 4 fulfilled the objective of the question by; identifying the movie and giving detailed information pertaining to said. It was a judgment call and I stand by it. I made a few others during the game involving a few teams. For the record, none of them placed.

15) – Music – 1st time in MTM history we’ve had dual music questions. We minimized music last year and I figure 95% of FCT games ave two, so what the hell… gave us a chance to add genres and double up on popular categories..

16) What 1977 NASCAR Rookie of the Year was nicknamed ‘Iron Man’ for setting the all-time record for consecutive starts? At the end of the 2005 season, he had amassed 788 straight starts?
A: Ricky Rudd
*this was intended to be an experts only NASCAR question.

17) Elizabeth Lee is the star of what scripted reality TV series?
A: My Life as Liz
*Young and chick question. And I think Elizabeth Lee is a cutie pie fwiw…

18) The ‘100 Hour War’ was a 1969 shooting war sparked by a disputed soccer result between what 2 countries?
A: El Salvador and Honduras
*This is a) an event almost every team has heard of and b) is essentially a multiple choice on some level because of the wording. How much are you willing to wager here?

19) What 10th pharaoh of the 18th dynasty was the husband of Nefertiti and is believed by many religious scholars to be the foundation for all monotheistic religions on Earth?
A: Akanatten
*Actually, this question is only slightly above average in difficulty as evidenced the high rate of correct answers. If you stayed disciplined, you might’ve had a shot to jump up within striking distance on this question.

20) Varieties – Jennie, Solomon, Imperial
A: Wine Bottles or Liquid Measurements
*I wanted to do a varieties question here because they’re so popular. I chose this particular variety because it was remote enough to be tough and we’ve had a couple of this same variety in the past, but using other names.
I figured after those questions enough of you would have perused the list and seen one or two of these and thus would be rewarded for your patronage, attentiveness, and memory. I honestly though ‘Solomon’ would be the give away since ‘Biblical Kings’ are used for many of these.
My guess was maybe 4 – 6 of you would nail it and maybe we’d have a surprise winner or place-er. Didn’t happen – but roughly 6-8 teams had it immediately in their conversation and chose otherwise… pity.
FWIW, dumbass award winner Minor Alliance had it right.
Playing what if – IF they had played with Alliance and IF they had brought it up, my guess is Alliance would’ve answered it over what they put – and won.

My prediction for winning score was 100-ish…

Perhaps because there were a few of these that I absolutely KNEW, but knew were tough.
1) I bid 8
2) 6
3) 4
4) 2
5) I get Punk, 70s, 80s, blues, & metal

21 points after 1st qtr

I knew

7) 7 (because I would’ve checked)
8) 5
9) 3
10) 10

46 at halftime

11) I might’ve gotten suckered here, hard to say – I’ll say I wager 6
12) nope
13) 8
14) 4
15) 50s – no
60s – no
70s – no
80s – yes
90s – yes
rap – yes
country – no
New – yes

62 points after 3

16) no way
17) 4
18) no
19) 8
20) I probably puss out and bid 2, but I would have gotten this

I finish with 76

If I finish with 76 – I figure the winner scores at least 100. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not my way of saying I’m the greatest player ever, it’s me saying I, in part, write about what I know and am comfortable with..


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