March Trivia Madness VII


Venue: Jeffrey’s in Suwanee

Champion: Buckhead Rednex
2nd: #9
3rd: United

The game:

1. Sports – The Wanamaker Trophy is awarded to the winner of what sporting event?


2. Finish The List – Purple, red, orange, yellow (give the next 2 IN ORDER)


3. Death – What flavor was the Flavor Aid @ the Jonestown Massacre?


4. Presidential Math – Take the 4 Mt. Rushmore presidents and give the sum of their presidential numbers (for example, Obama is #44).


5. Geography – Not including Australia or Greenland, what are the 4 largest islands on Earth?


6. NCAA Men’s College Hoops – Name the 4 teams involved in the 1983 Men’s Final Four.


7. Corporate Mascots – Elsie the Borden Cow’s “husband” was the corporate mascot for another product.  Who was her husband?


8. Mythology – What Norse God of single combat and heroic glory is often portrayed as missing one of his hands?


9. Classic TV – Morticia Adamms’ carnivorous plant was named what?


10. TV – Which one of the following is not one of Malcolm’s brothers from Malcolm In The Middle?
A. Dewey
B. Reese
C. Jamie
D. Francis
E. All are his brothers


11. NFL – Which member of the LA Rams’ Fearsome Foursome attended Penn State?


12. Movies – Who pays the bride to be in the 2001 movie The Wedding Planner?


13. Science – The 2nd of Einstein’s papers published in this year contained perhaps his greatest achievement, the theory of special relativity.  +/- 1, what year was it made public?


14. Celebrity Trivia – Who was Angelina Jolie’s 1st husband?


15. Music – Teams were instructed to pick 8 of 10 songs to submit for points, and the other 2 would be used to help decide the music medal in case of tiebreakers..

Song 1 – 1950’s

Song 2 – 1960’s

Song 3 – 1970’s

Song 4 – 1980’s

Song 5 – 1990’s (not the same song, but the same artist)

Song 6 – 2000’s

Song 7 – Country

Song 8 – Rap/Hip-Hop

Song 9 – Metal

Song 10 – Instrumentals

16. Tennis – Who is the only man to win every Grand Slam singles AND doubles title?


17. Star Trek – What is the registry number of the Star Trek Enterprise?


18. Movies – What was the password to the occult orgy in the movie Eyes Wide Shut?


19. History – Who was the founder of China’s Yuan dynasty and the grandson of Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan?


20. Space – +/-1, Halley’s Comet will return in what year?


Other honors:
Sports Medal: B8shaq
Music Medal: Buckhead Rednex
Dumbass Award: Black Tar Hair-On

Notable: My Hot Boss became the only team ever disqualified, via a memorable cell phone suicide move…


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