March Trivia Madness VI

Date: 4/21/07

Venue: Jeffrey’s (Braselton)

Champions: #9
2nd: Utter Chaos
3rd: Fetus Frenzy

The game:

1. Soccer – What was Pele’s Brazilian soccer team?


2. Business – Starbucks is named for a character in what novel?


3. Nicknames – What was Alcatraz prisoner Robert Stroud’s nickname?


4. Movies – In The Wedding Singer, what band did Robbie think would break up if his old girlfriend didn’t take off their t-shirt?


5. TV Theme Songs – identify the show

Theme Song 1

Theme Song 2

Theme Song 3

Theme Song 4

6. Sports –  is the logo for what pro sports team?


7. Disney – Who is Bambi’s girlfriend?


8. Military – The 54-hour Marine Corps training exercise at the end of boot camp is called what?


9. Geography – What is the world’s 5th largest continent?


10.  The Bible – In the Bible, whose wife did David steal?
A. Nathan
B. Uriah
C. Micadiemus
D. Eutychus
E. None of the above


11. Tennis – Who has the most Grand Slam titles?


12. Toys – What simple helix has been marketed as a toy since the 1940’s?


13. History – 100,000 people traveled the Mormon Trail that stretched from Utah to the city of Nauvoo in what state?


14. Science – What rival of Thomas Edison was the discoverer of alternating current electricity?


15. Music

Song 1 – 1990’s

Song 2 – 2000’s

Song 3 (unknown)

Song 4 – Country

Song 5 – 1960’s

Song 6 – 1970’s

Song 7 – 1980’s

Song 8 – Rap

16. Olympics – Who is the only Winter Olympian to win 5 gold medals in a single Olympiad?


17. Literature – How many levels of hell are there in Dante’s Inferno?


18. Trivia – Sperry & Hutchinson made what collectible and redeemable objects?


19. Trivia Re-Runs – What was the name of Rosemary’s Baby?


20. Video Games – Who was the only playable hidden character in the original Mortal Kombat game?


Other honors:

Sports Medal: Utter Chaos
Music Medal: Jimmy Jams
Travel Award: Jimmy Jams
Dumbass Trophy: General Winston & Kudzu Gilbert

MVP (and inductee into the A&MootT): Steve Haas (#9)


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