Date:  Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Location: Jeffrey’s (Braselton)

Bobby’s announcement at the time:  The impossible has been achieved!
Tuesday night @ Jeffrey’s in Braselton in front of a light crowd of only 9 teams, the reigning world champions of trivia, sporting a full roster of eight players, ran the table for a perfect score of 126!

This breaks the record of 124 held by Fulmer’s Fat @ss since around 2003 or so.  It is, needless to say, the first perfect score in Full Contact Trivia’s 9 year history.  I estimate there have been fewer than 12 games over 120 ever.

Rest assured that I gave them the difficult version of every question from about midway through the 3rd quarter on. I blatantly upped the difficulty of the music bonus in round three in an effort to shake them, all to no avail.

They were hesitant on question #20, but had a lead that allowed them to safely bid twenty points without fear of losing the game (Second place was Pabst Playboys’ 62, 3rd was Fetus Frenzy & Flagrant Fouls’ 48).

This breaks numerous records fwiw. 1st team to go perfect past #17. 1st team to get every question correct, 1st team to (yada, yada, yada… you get the idea)

I did give them question #20 in its original form. I figured I had thrown them every pitch in my arsenal and they had earned the right to go for the record.

Included are the questions from last night’s game… as you will see, these are not gimmes as the other scores will atest to.

I am humbled by their achievement. I have loooong been on record as saying a perfect score would never happen… I was wrong.   Hopefully we will not see another for at least 9 years.

The Game:

1. Gymnastics – How many exercises are there in Women’s Gymnastics?

2. Military – What US General was nicknamed “Old Blood & Guts?”

3. Names – A bed that folds into a wall is called a what?

4. Studies – Project Blue Book was a study which specifically dealt with what?

5. Music – Letter “M”

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

6.  MLB – How high is the RF fence at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park?

7.  Botany – Fern leaves are called what?

8.  Poetry – In the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” what bird is hung around the Mariner’s neck?

9. Song Lyrics – What artist gave us the line, “but there ain’t no Coupe DeVille hiding in the bottom of a Cracker Jack box?”

10. TV
A. Diff’rent Strokes
B. Facts Of Life
C. Alf
D. Family Ties
E. None of the above
Nancy Reagan famously made a cameo on what 80’s TV show?

11. Nicknames – “Slingin’ Sammy” was what athlete’s nickname?

12. TV – What was the HS on Beverly Hills 90210?

13. Logos –  is the logo for what company?

14. Judaism – According to Hebrew tradition, what son of Adam is the direct ancestor of Noah and therefore the father of all mankind?

15. Music – 80’s

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

16.  NFL – The NFL’s 1st indoor game was played in what city?

17.  Celeb Names – What is Bob Dylan’s real name?

18.  Flags –  This was what country’s flag prior to 1957?

19. Anatomy – The space between nerve cells is called what?

20. US History – What Boston bookseller was the US’ first Secretary of War?


2 Responses to 126

  1. Robbie Porter says:

    Wow, that was a tough game.

  2. God says:

    I was cranky for a week.. I thought JuJu might die he was so depressed….

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