*`*`*Trivia Bowl VIII*`*`*

Trivia Bowl VIII was particularly auspicious inasmuch as it saw Athens finally host a Full Contact Trivia major game.

Blind Pig East, fresh off of their traditional signing day festivities did the honors – admirably.

The game saw a mixing of the traditional 4 categories which ramped up scoring and kept the atmosphere crackling throughout .. very few teams felt out of it early as scoring and confidence was high.

In the end, Axis of Evil subdue the room with an irresistible 112. Handful of Peter tally a very worthy 105 for silver, and Pabst Playboys are on a podium with 95 3rd place points.

Scott Rollins is your TBVIII MVP and will be inducted into the Ancient & Mysterious Order of the Tassel. His chosen colors are Royal Blue & White and his induction was immediate and unanimous.

Remember, 9 points for 1st, 6 for 2nd, and 3 for 3rd are all doubled at majors.

These Scores CAN be used for week one.

You will receive a 50% attendance bonus on top of your home location attendance from this game.

Scott celebrating his induction into the A&MOotT

Scott celebrating his induction into the A&MOotT

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