Cell Phones at MTM XII

When Super Saturday arrives, you will arrive @ Jeffrey’s in lovely Braselton with a cell phone in your pocket, just like the last 9,000 times you have gone somewhere. You will walk in, you will sit down – and you will check Facebook, your emails, perhaps send out a text. Standard Operating Procedure and under normal circumstances not a problem or a big deal…

Except that doing so @ Jeffrey’s could cost your team a chance to compete in the Finals.

Cell phones are against the rules at Jeffrey’s for MTMXII – under any and every circumstance.

You will notice how intentionally broad that statement is.

Allow me to further define the intent of this rule –

Cell phones in the building at the Finals is breaking the rules, at any time, under any circumstance, for any reason.

The phone can be turned OFF. Disqualified anyway.

The phone can be something that looks like a phone but isn’t. Disqualified anyway.

In a purse, in a pocket, in your briefs.. makes no difference.. If you have a cell phone IN.THE.BUILDING you can be disqualified at the finals…

Put your cell phone in your car on Saturday. If you need to visit your cell phone during breaks – GREAT, as long as it is in your car and not in the building..

Good luck at the finals and keep your cell phones in the car or at home please – for everyone’s sake.

Teams have been DQ’d for this in the past.

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