The Travel Award is forever named after Josh Payne.

Josh passed away after playing trivia one night just following March Trivia Madness. He alone was the driving force behind his team’s dogged pursuit of the Travel Award and the record he and Waitress Under Our Table set that year will never be broken. Josh played in EVERY SINGLE TOURNAMENT GAME if I recall correctly. Something like 2750 total miles driven round trip. It was amazing. Athens, Gainesville, Atlanta, Duluth – wherever, Josh was there. It is a feat that no one has even approached. His patronage validated everything we do, his enthusiasm energized us, his loyalty humbles us to this day and his passing still breaks our hearts… Those closest to him have managed to move forward, but their grief is permanent. The team name ‘Jimmy Jams’ still serves as a permanent memorial to Josh and now, so does this award. When you win this award, remember that it is not yours, it is forever Josh’s and if he were here, you would not win it..
While the other trophies will always be decorated in happy Irish colors, this trophy will always remain bare to commemorate our collective loss and to reflect our sadness.

Introducing the Joshua David Payne Memorial Travel Award:

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