Two things

Thing 1: Some teams at the start are wondering exactly what they’ll need to do on a weekly basis to finish where they want.  Here’s what it took last year:

Unlimited seats at the final game / Cumulative championship: 116.6 points per week
15 seats: 115.7
14 seats: 113.8
13 seats: 111.0
12 seats: 110.7
10 seats: 94.6
8 seats: 88.2
6 seats: 78.9

Attendance Award (if you are so inclined): 29.4 people per week

So there you go – depending on your team size for MTM and your cumulative goals, that’s what you should be aiming for.  That’s what it took last year, at least.

Thing 2: I forgot to note that Kramerica also took advantage of last night’s Automatic Qualifier at Treehouse and paid the toll, meaning after one night, we have 6 slots filled, meaning if this year’s field is as large as last year’s, 1/6 of it is already decided.  I’ll go edit them into last night’s scoreboard.

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