MTM XII: Week 1, Monday

Trivia updates from Treehouse Pub in Atlanta and Taylor’s Tavern in Canton, with both games running the same game.

Bobby: Bobby Brown and Muffins went all “Super Power” on Treehouse and waged an impressive battle for 1st.  Muffins sat at 100 pts after 19 with Bobby Brown doggedly hanging around with 95.  Muffins did the honorable thing and went all in on #20 in an effort to put an early leash on the cumulative and it bit them.  Bobby Brown played it cool, bid the minimum and finally found some long due MTM fortune with a 94-90 opening game win.  Oedipus place 3rd with an erratic 64.  Others posting scores: Kramerica (46), (42), Red (22), Fulmer’s Fat Ass (21), Buckhead Rednecks (20).

Brent: Taylor’s saw a big turnout on opening night and a trio of teams – Ray-Ray, Challenged, and #9 – got off to hot starts and were poised to run away from the pack.  After #19, they lead with 95, 90, and 85, respectively.  The new-look Ray-Ray, now featuring Samurai Mike, was as good as advertised, writing down just three wrong answers all night.  Unfortunately, the 3rd was on #20, and they finished with 85.  This opened the door for Challenged, who answered #20 correctly for 18 points (as for why, they tried to explain it to me, but I came away even more confused) to win with an impressive 108 – becoming officially the first ‘invited’ team of MTM XII.  Challenged has a long history of saving their worst play for tournaments.  Tonight was a signal those days might be over.  #9 also dropped 10 points on the final question, which opened the door for Comfortably Dumb to sneak in with a scrappy 81 point 3rd place finish.  Tonight also saw a solid base score from another tourney hopeful in Chipper’s Lipper (75), who matched the Niners (75) and beat the Rednecks (71).   High Rollers (45), McNuttski (21), and Coconuts (20) struggled with incomplete rosters

Qualified, invited teams: Bobby Brown & Challenged (both paid).

Teams taking advantage of the Automatic Qualifier night at Treehouse in Atlanta: Muffins, Fulmer’s Fat Ass, Oedipus & the Mama’s Boys.

Note – only entered & invited teams will be featured on the leaderboard.  For example – Ray-Ray has a cumulative score of 91 (85+6) right now, good enough for 4th, but as they are yet uninvited, they are not on the board.  The 91 isn’t lost – but it will wait until they are qualified to show up.

On deck for Tuesday: Automatic qualifer #2 at Monkey Barrel in Gainesville, and a standard tournament game at Bedoe’s in Canton…

TEAM TOTAL Base Scores Performance Attendance Week Base
Challenged 117 108 9 7 108
Bobby Brown 103 94 9 7 94
Muffins 96 90 6 7 90
Oedipus 67 64 3 7 64
Kramerica 46 46 0 5 46
Fulmer’s Fat Ass 21 21 0 3 21

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