I’m Not Dead

Seriously, I haven’t forgotten this place, but after the tournament, we were all needing a bit of a respite from tediously checking the site.  Probably no one more than me.

Tough shit, man!  We need our playable games!

Fair point, and for my negligence I apologize.

Over the next couple of weeks, all the specialty games will be posted.  The Honor Roll will be updated, as will the Lifetime Achievement Award winners and anything else that needs it.

My FCT.com hangover was cured earlier today, and your patience has been rewarded with what is, in my opinion, the greatest single game Bobby has ever written, preserved in its entirety.  I present to you, the Etta James Memorial Music Game.

And finally, I’d like to issue a very late but still relevant note of congratulations to our specialty game champs from this tournament season:
Alliance (Trivia Bowl VI & Pairs Game III)
Ray-Ray’s Partay (Night at the Movies II)
United (Cumulative Champion)
Buckhead Rednecks (Etta James Music Game I AND March Trivia Madness XI)

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