FCT Mixed Pairs Game Info

The first ever FCT Mixed pairs game is scheduled for Saturday May 12th @ 2:30 PM at The Border Mexican Grill in Carrollton. This will be a unique event in that each two person team must contain one male and one female participant….unless one male participant is willing to dress in drag. There is a 15 team minimum and there must be 15 teams paid in full by 5/5 in order for me to move forward with this event. This will be a Carrollton event, and will be hosted by fctcarrollton himself, Bryan Crawford. The game will be co-written by my female counterpart and will feature a mix of male and female oriented questions. Here are some details:

FCT Mixed Pairs Game
2:30 PM Saturday May 12th
The Border Mexican Grill, Carrollton, GA
15 team minimum / $30 per team buy in / $450 minimum prize pot
Payout, based on 15 teams: 1st-$300 2nd-$100 (+$30 in house cash) 3rd-$50 (+$20 in house cash)
An additional $40 in house cash to the team who google maps says had the longest drive to the game.
Prize percentages will remain the same regardless of the number of teams above 15, there will be no trophies or medals awarded this year, just cash prizes.

You may pay the entry fee to myself, Brent, Bobby, or Brian Darby along with your team name and the names of the two players.

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