Cell Phones at MTM XI


Cell phones are not allowed in the building at MTM.


That means you are not allowed to be in possession of one at all for any reason whatsoever.


A visible cell phone is grounds for disqualification at this event.


The 1st time I see a cell phone inside the building the guilty player will serve a 5 question suspension.


A cell phone that makes any noise at all will incur the same penalty. So even if it is hidden and no one can see it, if I hear it – BOOM.


Do NOT fucking test me on this or whine about it. You can easily become the 3rd team to be DQ’d from a finals if you choose.


Bear in mind I will be in NO MOOD to deal with high maintenance bullshit.


Leave your cell phone in your car. There will be breaks at the ends of the quarters so you can race out there and water your imaginary crops or whatever the fuck it is you people do.


Once again, visible or aural phones will be grounds for a 5 question suspension. 2nd offenses are grounds for a DQ.


PERIOD – next subject…

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4 Responses to Cell Phones at MTM XI

  1. Mrs G says:

    It would be nice if a no cheating/no-cell-phones rule was observed/enforced on regular trivia nights, too, not just tournaments. We just played for the first time at The Hail Mary Pub and there were phone screens lit up ALL OVER the room. Naturally, this makes high scores particularly suspect and takes a lot of the fun out the game.

    • Brent Blackwell says:

      A few comments on seeing cell phones. Let me preface this by saying I’ve never been to Hail Mary and have no first hand knowledge of whether cheating is going on there or not.

      #1 – Sometimes less experienced teams do accuse rule-following teams of rule-breaking. The seemingly offending teams turn in answers immediately and then take care of their texting when phones are not in play (which is in the rules in non-tournament games). Many times, when you see a team with a phone out and you become suspicious, you are indeed correct to assume nefarious purposes (or at the very least, negligence in regard to the rules). However, from my experience, a good 70% of all complaints re: cell phones are lodged against rule-following teams that have simply answered the question quickly. I’m not implying that this is what Mrs G did in her complaint, but it is a reminder we need to hear every now and then. If any FCT player is going to make the cell phone accusation, you need to be carefully watching a team and make sure they have the phones out before they turn in an answer. Once you’re sure, that’s when to say something. Which brings me to point #2…

      #2 – SAY SOMETHING! Don’t stew over it at your table and then mention it after the game is over or just on the website when it can no longer really help you. We DJs do our best to keep an eye on everyone, but we clearly can’t be watching every player all the time. We are humans, and we need help sometimes. You won’t be bothering us and we will appreciate it. I promise. Why wait to report a crime until after the perps can possibly be caught? You’re doing yourself a disservice to wait. The only thing standing between you and some house cash might just be the willingness to say something to the DJ. Once again, this comment isn’t directed to Mrs G specifically, but to all players (for all I know, Mrs G’s team DID say something to the DJ). We encourage tattling, because it gives us the opportunity to make a stand, usually publicly and obnoxiously, on your behalf. We love sticking up for our rule-following teams. We just need to be made aware of the need to do so from time to time.

      On a final note, and this IS directed to Mrs G – thank you for your feedback. Mentioning it here is better than not mentioning it at all, and we have spoken to the DJ in question, and we will continue to monitor the situation. Cell phone rules at Full Contact Trivia are ruthlessly enforced, and if you make a return trip to Hail Mary, hopefully you’ll see that in effect. We apologize for any semblance of unfairness that you experienced – fair competition is paramount to our success in this business, and there’s nothing we care about more.

      • Mrs G says:

        I really appreciate knowing that someone reads (and cares about) these comments, and I appreciate your reply. For the most part, I agree with and already follow your cautionary advice, i.e. watching closely to know whether a team gets “online” prior to turning in an answer. I’m surprised and perplexed to learn that your rules do allow for cell phone use between questions. That isn’t allowed at most other venues I’ve played (and I’ve played a LOT of trivia around the country, for many years) and it is not unreasonable to ask patrons to respect a no-phones policy until the end of the evening or at least half-time. It would make the job of policing and enforcement so much easier! As to your speculation that 70% have already turned in an answer, that means possibly 30% have NOT which is a sizable proportion! Just sayin’. When teams get unusually high/perfect scores, it’s natural to be awed by (and suspicious of) the legitimacy. Knowing this, I think truly smart teams would voluntarily avoid cell phones at all costs during play to prevent any appearance of cheating that could jeopardize their reputation or win. p.s. I will discuss this further with Brian at his invitations. Thank you both for your responses and desire to assist!

    • Brian Darby says:

      Mrs. G,
      Thanks for your input. I am the DJ that works the Hail Mary Sports Pub show. The FCT DJs have notified me about your comment and my colleague Brent has done a fine job with his response. However, I’d like to provide you with my e-mail address: briandarby1214@hotmail.com I’d like for you to e-mail me and let me know where you believe you saw the cheating so that I can keep an eye on things a little closer. I know this was your first show, so long time Hail Mary’s patrons can tell you I have on occasion had to deal with the perception of cheating as well as actual cheating. I take great pride in my show and I want each game to be fair.

      I hope you will e-mail me at the address above and thank you for your patronage.

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