MTM XI Predictions


It is tradition for me to give a scathingly honest prognostication of the events to unfold come Super Saturday the week before the event.


I have been pretty accurate over the years within a position or so depending on the prediction.


I have called wild upsets (Yosef) and gone chalk where appropriate (Buckhead Rednecks, Utter Chaos, #9) and I have nailed the last place team at least 3 times..


In all fairness, I have been brutally wrong a few times as well (calling Ray-Ray to finish last in their opening tournament only to watch them finish in the top 10 comes to mind).


Here is my take on the big day –


Last place. I’m going with Donkey Balls here. I think I did this last year too and they played in the middle of the pack. This year they have not been able to get the whole group in the same room a single time and it has cost them. Now they only have 4 seats and the problems remain. Keep an eye on Sauced, McNuttski, and Cartel.

Last year’s Dumbass was Minor Alliance (now Hazel Destroy) and I doubt they’ll be in the mix for this year’s honor.


Sports Award – Always a tough call. Kramerica, B8Shaq, United, Alliance, Muffins, Buckhead Rednecks, and Fulmer are all strong possibilities here. I’m going to go outside the box here and say Bobby Brown.


Music – It’ll be a war among the usual suspects here. Etta James champs Buckhead Rednecks proved they are musically adept, but Oedipus actually won the ‘Name that Artist’ portion of the game.. They were the only team to get 13. Fulmer is a possibility as is Alliance & Experience.. I say Oedipus.


Best Young Team Award – This is a ‘Rookie of the Year’ bonus we’re busting out this year for 1st year teams. Seoul Sisters, Kitten Mittens, P-Value, and Gluttons make my 1st cut. This one’s tough as these teams are pretty equally matched, but I’ll go with Seoul Sisters to edge out Gluttons & P-Value. My gut says Gluttons & P-Value are used to tougher competition, but Seoul Sisters have played awfully well for a 1st go.


Champion – To overlook Buckhead Rednecks for the title is foolish. They’ll place in my very humble opinion. Will they win? Maybe, but I think they may be due for one of the ‘Baby’ trophies. Muffins are in form and hitting their stride at the right time. If they can stay with the big dogs on music they may win. Alliance will be in the room together for the 1st time all tournament. That’s good… and bad. BBvBoE hasn’t had one of ‘Those’ performances that makes you feel like they might win since early March. Oedipus had a few stretches that made me raise an eyebrow during the tournament. But I have a feeling the monkey will come off of United’s back this year.


My fearless top 10 –


1) United

2) Muffins

3) Buckhead Rednecks


4) Alliance

5) #9

6) Oedipus

7) Ray-Ray

8) Ears

9) Fulmer

10) BBvBoE


no need to even play the game now… all has been revealed…

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  1. Jeremy says:

    It’s in the bag now. . . . what could possibly go wrong?

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