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Arrival Times for Saturday

12:15Donkey BallsBeaver FeaverMcNuttskiSaucedCartel De Jesus 12:30Fact HuntFree Mexican Air ForceMigrating CoconutsP ValueGluttons For Punishment 12:45Set Phasers To Stunning!Boston BravesF’in A, I’ve Got a RashHazel DestroyChallenged 1:00StepdadsKitten MittensThe ExperiencePabst PlayboysKramerica 1:15Angry PlannersSeoul SistersBuckhead RednecksB8shaqT2RB 1:30Fulmer’s Fat AssLet Go of My Ears, … Continue reading

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MTM XI Predictions

Bobby:  It is tradition for me to give a scathingly honest prognostication of the events to unfold come Super Saturday the week before the event.   I have been pretty accurate over the years within a position or so depending … Continue reading

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