Stuff you need to know for tonight

The Etta James Memorial Music Championship – a primer…

The format for Friday’s game will be standard.

There will however be a few noticeable differences.

1st off, the bulk of the game is music trivia, questions 5 & 15 were randomly selected from a long list of categories.

Every effort has been taken to incorporate as wide a variety of musical info into the questions as possible with an emphasis on the 70s, 80s, 90s, & ‘New’ music – however there are a few questions and answers that are older.

I’ve attempted to spread some of the questions out by giving multiple answer questions. This increases difficulty, which I believe will be necessary. To balance this out many of the questions allow teams to choose 2 of 3 or 3 of 4 so that a wider focus is available.

There are 3 visual questions in the game. Please answer these on the sheets provided and please make sure to only answer the number of answers requested.
(example – if you are given 4 photos and the answer requires you to choose only 3, don’t answer all 4 or I will count the 1st 3 and ignore the last)

Sports has been ignored for this game – there will be no sports themed questions.

The participants of this game are musically adept and the game is written for the top level player.

Expect this game to play longer than usual. Every effort will be made to keep the game to 2 hours, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it run long.

1st question will fly @ 8:30 sharp. If you are late, that is a YOU problem.

Large groups should arrive early to secure seating.

Please help our host locations during these events by –
1) consolidating your requests of staff and anticipating needs. Do not run your server or bartender around for single items.
2) eating and drinking at the venue. Loading up on Big Macs and drinking beer in the parking lot isn’t helping anything. If you plan on making an evening of it, do it onsite – please.
3) Be aware of the tow away zone on the right side of the building. Signs are clearly posted over there and warnings are located on the door as you enter, but every time we have newbies @ Avondale we almost get someone towed.

This is a championship event. As such, you are expected to know the rules. You will not be babied and the ‘Phonetics’ rule will be ruthlessly enforced. Get it right or stfu. This includes making absolutely sure the info you are discussing at the table is being accurately written down and delivered to Bobby. Many hundreds (and eventually thousands) of dollars can be lost in this way.

This will be repeated ad nauseum come game time, but it doesn’t hurt for you to begin getting your brain around this NOW.

Good luck

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