MTM XI, Week 6, Tuesday update

Gainesville (Bobby): Lots of splashy names making appearances in Gainesville tonight @ Monkey Barrel. United, #9, Experience, Alliance, Free Mexican Air Force, Playboys, & Phasers is a strong room regardless of the individual configurations.

United are clearly road tripping for bonus points, and having Alliance in the room is a bonus – or a curse, depending on results.
Experience are desperate for an old school Experience result (let us not forget, when we discuss Experience, we are talking about the CURRENT ‘Little Baby’ holders, a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, and a team that has scored over 110 in MTM tourney games at least a couple of dozen times).
Playboys are looking to build on their recent recovery of form, Phasers are searching for their groove, #9 are looking for consistency, and FMAF are in much the same position as Experience – trying to get out of a bit of a funk in time for the finals…

United played out front all night with a brief halftime stop in 2nd place. The only team to thoroughly question them all night was Playboys who appear to be running at about 85% efficiency right now. #9 led the rest of the group in a game that offered much, but delivered very little.

In the end, United post a 73 (3), but more importantly collect 9 vital bonus points that they will gleefully transport back to Athens to add to whatever the home standing squad can collect Sunday. Playboys talk themselves out of enough points to win, but not enough to suck 70 (7). #9 are fortunate to place 3rd 62 (6), but collecting bonus points on off nights are how cumulative money is earned.
Alliance place 4th with 49 (2), Phasers 48 (4), Experience 39 (3), FMAF 37 (6)

The United road trip wound up being worth 12 points when you consider they not only collected 9, but blocked 3 from Alliance.
That’s a productive road trip and in a cumulative tournament that is as competitive as this year’s – that’s strong.

Alliance’s best game is yet to be played this week.. but then again, so is United’s.

Same trivia tonight as last night in Avondale..

So for the sake of comparison (if you’re into that sort of thing)

BB – 81
United – 73
Oedipus – 71
Playboys – 70
Muffins – 64
#9 – 62
Stepdads – 55
Alliance – 49
Phasers – 48
Donkey – 47
P-Value – 41
Exp – 39
FMAF – 37
FFA – 33

Ball Ground (Darby): Two tournament teams showed up for the special Bonus Tuesday night show at Uncle Peppers and were rewarded with house cash and performance points. Seoul Sisters finished 2nd with 40 points. But the real story of the game was Red Dead Samurai. A split squad came to Ball Ground, but thought the game started at 7:30 instead of 7:00 and missed the first 6 questions. They ran the rest of the game only missing 3 questions and finished the game with 61 points and first place.

We will have our regular Uncle Pepper’s Show this Thursday and another Tuesday Bonus Show next week (as we test to see if adding an additional show permantly makes sense). Also, Uncle Pepper’s is hosting a pairs game on Saturday April 14th at 2pm (this is the week before the tournament). Entry fee will be $20 in advance, $30 at the door provided there is room for you. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd plus the winning team will receive a buy-in to the Full Contact Trivia pairs game on the following Friday. For more info you can e-mail me at

Canton (Brent):  Bedoe’s had a record 15 teams and ~70 people playing trivia tonight, including tournament teams Challenged, Ray-Ray’s Partay, Buckhead Rednecks, Red Dead Samurai, Hazel Destroy, Much Ado About Muffins, and Migrating Coconuts.

Hazel Destroy took a commanding halftime lead thanks to being the only team with a correct #10.  However, poor bidding and a weak showing on the music round in the 3rd opened the door for the rest of the room to catch up, which they did.  Ray-Ray dropped only 8 points in the 2nd half and finished with 99 points and the win – the momentum from Friday’s Night @ The Movies II championship seems to have carried over into this week.  Ray-Ray have re-inserted themselves into the cumulative title talk, and if they can play and place at 2 or 3 games a week, they’ll move up the board quickly.  Especially if they play as well as they did tonight.

Hazel Destroy (92) rebounded in the 4th and finished strong in 2nd place.  Nice bounceback for HD as week 5 was not kind to them.

Red Dead Samurai (80) seemed like a cinch to take a top 3 spot but admittedly had ZERO idea on the final question, yet managed to get it right… for 4 points.  D’oh!  This allowed Muffins (82) to snipe 3rd.  I was dumbfounded at the bid, but Red’s rationale to go small was sound – despite their correct answer, they were purely guessing and didn’t want to lose the game on a guess.  Fair enough.  Still, Red had a bountiful night – they split the team into two squads.  Squad 1, as you saw above, sent Tom and his crew to Ball Ground where they won Darby’s game.  They immediately hauled ass to join Big Mike (Squad 2) in Canton where they weren’t quite able to get it done.  Still, it was a smart move to double up tonight.  However, they will surely groan at their mistake when they see the scoreboard… I’m still wondering, why not bid 8? In 2nd with 76 going into #20, 3rd had 72… 8 pt bid on a guess puts you at 72 at worst.  3rd place can’t finish with 72, so either they get it right which means they beat you anyway, or they get it wrong meaning they get 71 at best…

I urge all teams to do the math on #20 and remember how the bidding works.  We tell you the scores for a reason.

Migrating Coconuts (78) had a nice showing and were best of the rest.  Coconuts have been playing smarter lately, and last night got burned on #10 for not going 10.  That might have forced their hand a bit tonight, as they tried to get bold on the same question and it backfired.  If they go 2 on #10, they tie for 3rd.

Muffins got 3 bonus points, which they’ll happily take after they entered #15 with 32 points.

Buckhead Rednecks (55) showed up relatively full-strength and seemed on the verge of the top 3 literally all night but it never quite materialized.

Challenged (50) continue to show some signs of life.  Could the Challenged of old be returning into the fold?  I’m pretty certain that Challenged has collected more total house cash than any other team in Canton’s short history, so they are not to be ignored… Especially if they find their mojo again…

TEAM TOTAL Base Scores Performance Attendance Current High
Bobby Brown 641 587 54 150 81
RedSamurai 640 529 111 81 89
Muffins 636 576 60 98 82
United 635 575 60 77 74
Alliance 623 524 99 65 49
Ray-Ray 608 536 72 64 99
#9 603 528 75 137 72
Oedipus 586 544 42 119 71
Angry Planners 545 500 45 34 91
Seoul Sisters 520 451 69 91 67
Fulmer’s Fat Ass 511 478 33 52 33
T2RB 499 463 36 46 0
Ears 488 449 39 34 0
Hazel Destroy 477 429 48 57 92
Pabst Playboys 467 440 27 89 70
Stepdads 467 443 24 59 55
Phasers 442 430 12 55 48
Kramerica 437 407 30 40 0
B8shaq 434 410 24 44 0
Kitten Mittens 428 404 24 75 0
Coconuts 426 405 21 92 78
Cartel De Jesus 421 385 36 33 66
Experience 418 394 24 38 39
Buckhead Rednecks 414 408 6 26 55
Sauced 408 372 36 41 0
Free Mex AF 408 393 15 38 37
P Value 397 391 6 36 41
Rash 395 389 6 41 0
Challenged 391 377 14 88 50
Boston Braves 387 384 3 34 0
Gluttons 341 329 12 30 0
Fact Hunt 334 325 9 47 0
McNuttski 327 321 6 48 29
Donkey Balls  325 325 0 62 47
Beaver Feaver 298 286 12 21 0
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