MTM XI, Week 2, Wednesday update

Trivia in 5 places last night, so we have a lot to report:

Athens: Athens started out with a surprise as Jimmy Jams, a former top-5 MTM team, elected to let their bubble burst and didn’t pay.  Perhaps they were betting on being able to extend their invite.  If that was the case, they lost that bet – Threat Level Midnight won the game and the invite and thus make their debut on the scoreboard.  Michael Scarn would be proud.  United was also in the house and posted 65 points, but that number will only be relevant until Sunday…

Atlanta: Fulmer’s Fat Ass continues their impressive start to the cumulative phase with a 98 point win at Brewhouse.  It’s enough to vault them into first place.  Nicely done.  Muffins   score 2nd with 78, good news for the one FCT powerhouse that has been conspicuously low on performance points so far.  Kramerica, who qualified at music trivia in Canton on Sunday, entered the tournament and celebrated by taking 3rd place in an OT battle with Bobby Brown vs. BOE.  Brewhouse is loaded with teams potentially interested in MTM, with many still looking for invitations.  Gluttons and Chic-Filatio will have to wait on said invites, as last night’s went to P Value, who make their debut on the leaderboard.  Other MTM teams in the house:  Oedipus couldn’t get things going with 60, Buckhead Rednecks make an appearance just to keep a score in their column with 48, and Donkey Balls need a mulligan with 23.

Canton: MTM entrant Red Dead Samurai were in the house, as were hopefuls Seoul Sisters and Ray-Ray’s Partay.  Going into #20, RDS, Ray-Ray, and non-tourney team Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (aka Cantonese Pints) were locked in an 83-83-83 tie.  Seoul Sisters looked dead in the water with 55 after a 4 point 3rd Q… MTM teams and hopefuls prevailed on a TV soundtracks final question – Sisters nailed it for 20 immediately, daring one of  the top 3 to do something dumb.  Red didn’t know, bid 2, and dared someone to beat them.  Ray-Ray and Lebowski agonized over their answers and bids, with both eventually bidding 20… Ray-Ray was correct, vaulting them to a 103 point win.  Lebowski was wrong, which allowed Seoul Sisters to take 3rd.  Sisters should get their invite tonight at Uncle Pepper’s (as of right now, their leaderboard score is 149).  Despite early bidding issues, it was Ray-Ray’s night, and upon receiving their invitation to MTM, they immediately paid and debut with an impressive 185 points.  That’s a nice rebound after a 67-point opening week.

Carrollton: She Said It Was Razor Burn lets their bubble pop… and then they get it right back again with an 83-point win.  2nd place goes to Quizlamic Extremists, an outstanding trivia team name… 3rd place performance points for Sauced.

Grayson: The night started with Giselle saying they didn’t want to be in the tourney and their bubble busted. However, a impressive 103 gave them the win and another shot at entering. The house was packed tonight with our busiest night ever, 10 teams and 51 people in attendance. Jimmy Legs scores 85 but has to settle for 2nd and no invite. 3rd goes to a new team – the Adios Club 74.  MTM vets The Experience score 53 when Darby doesn’t have their favorite songs.  Watch – they’ll make Darby a request CD and then they’ll score 200 points while they jam out to stuff they like…

Tonight’s action:  Uncle Pepper’s in Ball Ground & Monkey Barrel in Gainesville.. UncPep starts at 7:30, MoBarr at 8:00…

Also, Trivia Bowl VI has been posted here at   Look under the “Games” tab to find that and a bunch of other former games.  Trivia Bowl VI has a new feature – after each question, hover over the word “ANSWER” to reveal the, y’know, answer…

Ok, scoreboard!

TEAM TOTAL Base Scores Performance Attendance Current High
Fulmer’s Fat Ass 229 199 30 14 98
Oedipus 225 207 18 25 100
RedSamurai 203 161 42 21 82
Bobby Brown 202 193 9 40 98
#9 196 178 18 20 97
United (S) 193 175 18 16 65
Razor Burn (W) 185 167 18 11 83
Ray-Ray 185 170 15 13 103
Muffins 184 175 9 28 82
Giselle’s TE (W) 183 168 15 9 103
Experience 178 154 24 13 76
Hazel Destroy (Th) 170 146 24 19 80
Angry Planners 168 150 18 10 81
Threat Level Midnight (W) 162 147 15 11 81
Kramerica 162 147 15 10 75
Sauced 161 143 18 19 64
Donkey Balls 139 139 0 27 77
Alliance 132 108 24 9 0
McNuttski 117 111 6 9 45
Buckhead Rednecks 117 117 0 5 48
P Value (W) 116 116 0 9 68
Wild Card (M) 110 101 9 6 101
Cartel De Jesus 110 104 6 9 51
Trivia Newton John (T) 109 106 3 11 75
Balls of Steel (S) 106 91 15 17 28
High Rollers (M) 101 95 6 21 62
Rash (S) 98 92 6 5 0
Free Mex AF 96 87 9 5 0
Ears 91 82 9 4 0
Costner (M) 77 71 6 4 71
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4 Responses to MTM XI, Week 2, Wednesday update

  1. God says:

    Darby not knowing Experience songs does not bode well for Darby’s musical library…
    The best thing that could happen to Darby’s playlist is Experience make him a disc …

    • Brent Blackwell says:

      From time to time, they do have some out-there requests… But yeah, they’ll make him a CD. They made me two in the time I was in Suwanee… They like awesome music – a lot of it is just obscure.

      • John Parr says:

        “Save It For Later” by the English Beat is hardly an out-there request. I can let Bobby’s lack of my obscure requests go because those ipods only hold so much and he’s got to have a little of everything, but for y’all rocking the laptop–there is no excuse.

  2. John Parr says:

    Though I was impressed that Brian had “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim. I was starting to worry…

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