MTM XI: Day 2 (Tues)

Automatic Qualifiers are in the books..
Bobby: SEVEN teams took advantage @ Blind Pig and Avondale.

The game was identical @ both locations – here is an early leader board for those 1st seven teams. Remember, there are still opportunities to get out and correct any bad performances before the week ends on Sunday.

Remember – the top non-qualified team will be extended a week long invitation to join the tournament. When the week expires without payment, the invited team will be forced to requalify…

Brent: In Canton, Red Dead Samurai entered the tournament and promptly won their 2nd game, improving their base score in the process.  Hazel Destroy (the team formerly known as Minor Alliance, the only team to get #20 at MTM X) seemed eager for an invite but were sniped in overtime for 2nd by relative newcomer McNuttski.  McNuttski has what could be the 2-person core of a future dominant team.  Unfortunately, the core’s all they’ve got at this point.  They have potential, but they’re undermanned and somewhat raw at this point – but the talent is there… their wrong answers are almost always good guesses.  I don’t expect McNuttski to enter this week.  They’ll have no problem qualifying later in the tourney if they decide they’re up for it.  Also noteworthy from Canton was Donkey Balls sending out a scout team to rectify the disaster from Monday, and they got it back to a respectable 62.

As per before, bold teams are paid and in.  Un-bolded teams are currently invited.

TEAM TOTAL Base Scores Performance Attendance Current High
Oedipus 116 107 9 7 107
Bobby Brown 101 95 6 9 95
RedSamurai 97 79 18 7 79
Muffins 93 93 0 5 93
Experience 87 78 9 4 78
Angry Planners 78 69 9 5 69
McNuttski 72 66 6 4 66
Buckhead Rednecks 69 69 0 2 69
Donkey Balls 62 62 0 8 62
Googlers 57 51 6 8 51
Ears 51 48 3 1 48
#9 46 46 0 4 46
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