Debut of the MTM XI leaderboard!

Kickoff Monday featured action in Canton, Carrollton, and Avondale (home to this year’s championship game).

In Canton, teams sludged through a tough game that took its toll on very good teams.  Red Dead Samurai won with a tough 67 points, with only 2nd place McNuttski within 20 points of them.  Migrating Coconuts took a surprising 3rd with 45, beating out trivia veterans and likely tourney teams Challenged (44) and High Rollers (33) to do so.

In Carrollton, World Cup vets Angry Planners won with 69. Balls of Steel & Cartel De Jesus take 2nd & 3rd.

In Avondale, several teams take advantage of the automatic qualifier, and that doesn’t include Avondale’s winning team, Oedipus & the Mama’s Boys, with a sparkling 107 to their credit.  It really warms my heart to see Oedipus back on a leaderboard of some sort.

Your 3 winners from tonight, Angry Planners, Red Dead Samurai, and Oedipus & the Mama’s Boys, are all extended invitations to join March Trivia Madness XI – the invites last until next Monday’s games.

Automatic qualifying teams that are paid and in:

  • Bobby Brown vs. The Board of Education
  • Much Ado About Muffins (MTM VIII champs; MTM X standing baby)
  • Buckhead Rednecks (4-time MTM champion)
  • Donkey Balls (joint partnership between Anorexic Donkey & Balls To The Wall)
And thus, we have our first leaderboard!  Remember, just because you don’t see your team’s name here doesn’t mean you’re not registering any stats this week.  We have your stats, and we’ll keep them until you are invited or paid (bold indicates paid teams).  And don’t forget, your last automatic qualifier is tomorrow @ Monkey Barrel in Gainesville! 
TEAM TOTAL Base Scores Performance Attendance Current High
Oedipus 116 107 9 7 107
Bobby Brown 101 95 6 9 95
Muffins 93 93 0 5 93
Angry Planners 78 69 9 5 69
Red Samurai 76 67 9 5 67
Buckhead Rednecks 69 69 0 2 69
Donkey Balls 38 38 0 6 38
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