Final Four are decided

Muffins 2 defeats T2RB 102-84

Muffins 1 defeats High Rollers 81-73

Free Mexican Air Force defeats #9 84-76

United defeats Bobby Brown vs. Board of Education 74-65

In the Muffins2/T2RB matchup, Muffins entered #20 with a score of 92, and bid 10 on a correct answer.  T2RB had 85 at the same point, and could’ve sniped the win had they known #20, but didn’t, played it safe, and lost 102-84.

In Muffins’ other game, vs. High Rollers, Muffins struggled with #’s 10 and 20, and High Rollers played their normal game, which consists of getting no points on sports, a little on music, and everything else, with flawless bidding throughout the tournament.  HR listened to question #20 needing only 10 points to tie Muffins (and knowing High Rollers’ tiebreaker answer, my guess is they would’ve won the tie).  Ironically, Canton’s best bidding team’s tournament ended on a bad bid.  I’m not sure if they simply forgot the “plus or minus” part of the final question, or never heard it to begin with, but apparently spent the entire song on #20 debating between two answers, both of which would’ve been acceptable on the question.  Thinking they had to nail the date on the dot (which they did anyway), they played it safe and bid 2.  It was a gut-wrenching way for a quest for $1000 to end.  Truly gut-wrenching.  But we did learn something about High Rollers in this tournament – they’re a dangerous, dangerous team that’s loaded with potential if they were to ever find someone who knew anything about sports.

While High Rollers’ tournament ended due to timid play on #20, Bobby Brown vs. Board of Education’s tournament ended for the opposite reason.  Leading United 75-74 going into the final question (but not knowing this due to the blind matchup), United’s reputation as a trivia giant took over.  Probably thinking there’s no way United scored less than 80 points, BBvBOE took an errant shot for the endzone on the game’s final question.  A 2 point bid meant a tie, and they held the tiebreak advantage against United.

Despite the drama of the blind matchups, the game of the round seemed to have gone down in Gainesville, the only game of the round in which both teams faced off in the same room.  Free Mexican Air Force led by 5 after the 1st quarter and added 2 in the 2nd for a 44-37 halftime lead.  #9 owned the 3rd quarter, though, and overcame the deficit to take a commanding 7 point lead.  By question 19, FMAF had whittled that lead down to 3 points – #9 led 85-82.  #9 had a guess and went with it, and bid enough to protect the lead (18).  FMAF guessed for 2.  Air Force’s guess was correct, and they won a back-and-forth contest 84-76.

So now, with just 4 teams remaining (and 2 of them essentially one in the same), the matchups are:

Muffins 2 vs. United

Muffins 1 vs. FMAF

Good luck everyone!

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