Knockout Round 1 announcement

Two teams have been moved to facilitate the opening week schedule. Neither is a huge drive or inconvenience and rest assured we have made every effort to avoid this. This is the best we can do. Anyone that would like to see how we came about this is more than welcome to have me sift through it for them.

Boston Braves –
are moving their Wednesday game to Monday to play BBv.BoE2 in person. This became necessary when BB would have been forced to split, with half of their team hearing a game that would be re-played. It’s not that we don’t trust BB1 not to talk to BB2, but the spectre of doubt would always linger in the minds of some, so this is better. Also, Braves were going to be down a couple of key players Wednesday anyway – and they can suck when they’re down players. Both teams, full strength, going eyeball to eyeball @ Hail Mary is ideal.

T2RB –
Moving from Allen’s to Amici on Sunday for their game vs. Gluttons for Punishment. This one is more complicated, but no less necessary.
Stay with me here… BBv.BoE1 v. Muffins1 are had to head @ Brewhouse Wednesday. Muffins2 (Tilted Kilt Perimeter) are playing Phasers (Allen’s). This means that the game being used for Phasers v. Muff2 can’t be played @ Brewhouse, lest Muff1 hear it again and have the same scenario for a Muffins opponent that we have already discussed pertaining to the BBv.BoE games. The one move that makes this right is moving T2RB to Amici. Fortunately it is only 5 miles away from Allen’s and on the same night, so no big deal.

Without these moves, we’d have to add an extra week to the 1st round, and no one wants that. We’d be playing games Thanksgiving week in that scenario.

Also, each team will be asked a tiebreaker question at the beginning of their 1st round game. This is to automatically break any ties that might occur – even if teams are not in the same room. All teams will be asked the same question and Muffins/BoE will be split for this exercise with each group posting a single tiebreak answer at their FIRST game (ie; Muffins2 will be split and will submit a tiebreaker answer for Muff1 & Muff2 @ Tilted Kilt tomorrow night. Likewise BBv.BoE will be split Wednesday and will post two separate answers for their two squads Wed @ Brewhouse)

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