World Cup of Trivia Rules & Format

Rules –
All 9 group winners are guranteed a spot on the bracket of 16.
The top 5 #2 seeds are likewise guaranteed a spot on the bracket of 16.

The bottom 4 #2 seeds will be forced to play one another in a ‘play in’ game for the final two spots on the brackett of 16.

Seeds amongst #2s will be determined by group points 1st, cumulative scores 2nd, and performance points (3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd) last. If still tied a coin flip will break the tie.

Teams are required to play every game. A 5 point penalty will be assessed to any team missing a game & you will be forced into the play in round even if you qualify at the top of your group in spite of the penalty.
Other teams are depending on you to play your best game regardless of your standing, so please honor the competition and play your best game all 6 weeks during group.

Scores will not be made public, nor will results – until all members of a group have finished their game for the week.

Group wins = 3 points
Group ties = 1 point

OT questions for the sake of house cash do not affect a tie. If you are tied after question #20 – it is counted as a tie in the standings.

Wins during the knock-out round will earn the winning team a Beer coupon from their home location, where available.

Play in games begin the week of Oct. 18th
The knock out round proper begins the week of Oct 25th.

At the onset of the knock-out phase, we will give all remaining 18 teams a tie breaker question that will be timed. This will serve as the tie breaker in the event of a tie during the knock out round.

If the tie-breaker is used, another one will be given the following week to all teams as needed.

There will be a 3rd place game played between the semi-final losers.

Champion’s Take is the World Cup of Trivia & $1000
Runner Up – $300
3rd – $200
4th – $50

If there is interest, we may stage a game for all the teams that did not make the round of 16.

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