World Cup Of Trivia slots filling up

1. Jimmy Jams (Allen’s)
2. Bobby Brown vs. Board of Education (Brewhouse)
3. Wild Card, Bitches (James Joyce)
4. Brainfreeze (Brewhouse)
5. (Brewhouse)
6. Gluttons For Punishment (Brewhouse)
7. Much Ado About Muffins (Brewhouse)
8. Kitten Mittens (Amici)
9. T2RB (Allen’s)
10. B8shaq (Allen’s)
11. Phasers To Stunning (Allen’s)
12. PHM (Allen’s)
13. Rosa Parks (Allen’s)
14. Hail Mary (Amici)
15. F’n A, I’ve Got a Rash (Amici)
16. United (Amici)
17. Rubadub Dubstep (Carrollton – location TBD)
18. Challenged (Canton – location TBD)
19. High Rollers (Canton – location TBD)
20. Migrating Coconuts (Canton – location TBD)
21. Balls To The Wall (James Joyce)
22. Anorexic Donkeys (James Joyce)
23. #9 (Monkey Barrel Tues)
24. Angry Planners (Carrollton – location TBD)
25. Red Samuri (Canton – location TBD)
26. Smarty Pints (Canton – location TBD)
27. Wizards Baker (Athens Blind Pig)
28. Dirty Mike & The BOys (Carrollton – location TBD)
29. Chic (Brewhouse)
30. Dirt Road (Carrollton – location TBD)
31. Kramerica (Brewhouse)
32. Bobby Brown vs. BOE 2 (James Joyce)
33. Boston Braves (Brewhouse)

Looks like demand is overwhelming supply….40 teams is the new cap.
We’re extending Enrollment for the WCoT through the end of Thursday’s (8/25) trivia action… We’d love to get 7 more teams and make each group 5 teams, but we can add groups and have play in games for the bracket as well..

The moral of this story is you need to get your team IN. NOW!

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