MTM X Predictions

Bobby: This has become a tradition over the years.

The week of the finals, I post my impressions of what I think might happen on Saturday.

Since I’m the only one that would see all of you and I knew the strengths and weaknesses of not only the teams, but the locations and other variables I managed to be pretty accurate within a reasonable range.

I’ve managed to be pretty solid on picking the first five, and a bit hit or miss when trying to pick the bottom.

This year, I’m going to do it in groups (like your mom does)…

The “Sorry, Not This Year” Group – This group contains the teams I think will struggle for whatever reason. Not enough players, glaring holes that needed to be shored up and weren’t, etc.
These will be my bottom eight teams at the finals.

Balls to the Wall
Minor Alliance
Just the Tip Bitches
Glass ½ Full
Jimmy Jams
What’s my Name?

Being brand new to the finals is what makes me put a few teams here and not having played in a VERY deep room before also doesn’t help. A couple of these probably are a surprise, but it’s mostly a product of me feeling a few surprise teams might play above their expectations.

Last Place prediction – Balls to the Wall


Pabst Playboys
Boston Braves

I’m not convinced the Playboys have totally rid themselves of the funk they were in. Red won’t be bothered by all the hullabaloo and they could be a surprise but I’m going to put them here and let them taunt me if I’m wrong. Ears are talented and could finish 10 places higher than this, but 4 players and not playing much won’t help. Stepdads need the right categories, which they might get but the odds are long. Boston Braves better have their sports issues worked out and they need to be lucky on the music



Ray-Ray and T2RB need to reach a bit more than they normally do to have a chance. Both can be a bit cautious.. then again, recklessness will eliminate you before halftime if you’re not careful. Horsedick can play, make no mistake about that. They’re actually on the dark horse watch list to finish higher. As a matter of fact, this entire group is capable of placing – all 5 teams are quite good. But look at what sits above them. It’s a credit to the remaining teams that I put these 5 teams here. There is a lot of juice in this group



You could switch this group and the one just previous and I’d have no problem with that. The two groups are that similar. Kramerica has an odd aura about them lately. I wonder if they all get in the room, and can get the chemistry correct…. #9 is always a dangerous team. B8Shaq with Pops is stout. A Full Squad of FMAF is very smart and very deep. And watching Posse from afar my impression is when they’re all together, which is rare, they’re a dominant team.

1-5 –

5) Bobby Brown vs. Board of Education– this is essentially Oedipus with a little tweeking and I always pick Oedipus 5th.

4) Much Ado About Muffins – Steady, battle tested, talented, Matt’s back, Robert is the most improved player in FCT over the last year… If the others make fatal mistakes, Muffins will win.

3) The Alliance – They’ve won everything except a Super Saturday trophy. This will get their MTM trophy collection started.

2) Buckhead Rednecks – Hard to pick against these guys. They’re a freight train.

1) United – They’re an all-star team this year. Seriously, they could split into 3 separate teams and all three would be top 10, hell maybe even top 5. They are an embarrassment of riches. They should win this thing and post triple digits in the process. A terrifying assemblage of talent…

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8 Responses to MTM X Predictions

  1. clint says:

    bbvbe isnt remotely close to oedipus. all they did was steal mike. horsedick is essentially oedipus

  2. Fletch says:

    i am eternally greatful for the 1st place jinx you’ve put on big bob finch and the rest of the united crew…going to be one helluva saturday!!!

  3. TJ says:

    Mike was a free agent.

  4. afournier says:

    Are you there God….it’s me Ashley. Who do you think is going to win best dressed? Just out of curiosity…

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