Team Captains – READ THIS

Every team is given an arrival time for the finals on Saturday.

It is a MUST that you abide by this time for the following reasons –

1) We stagger arival times to help the restaurant handle the crush of people. By spreading it out, they are able to provide you with better service

2) Part of what you are playing for in the cumulative is a later arrival time. If you don’t like the early arrival time, play better next year

3) The room is set up to accommodate people based on the arrival time.

4) Early is far better than late, but on time is best

5) No separate checks. Bring cash if you don’t have some waiting for you at the venue. One more time – No.Separate.Checks! You can add, bring cash… The world does not need to come to a grinding hault so the server can juggle your 13 separate checks… in addition to the next table’s 11 separate checks. Forget it bub, be considerate. Teams with separate checks are automatically disqualified from winning anything. Grrrrrrrr….

Arrival times are based on cumulative standings in reverse order

12:00 arrival time –
Balls to the Wall
Minor Alliance

12:15 –

12:30 –
Jimmy Jams
Boston Braves
Glass 1/2 Full

Buckhead Rednecks

1:00 –

Bobby Brown

Parking is limited so please carpool. This is very important.
The parking lot to the right of the building will be full and the entrance from that side of the bar will not be open. There is overflow parking behind the bar on the lower level. It is accessible by driving to the street behind the bar.

Please arrive together, find your seats and order ASAP.

If we all do this, service will flow far better.

Please eat and drink at James Joyce. It only makes sense to patronize our sponsors and it creates an environment that allows us to award more and more every year.

I have to say that we do a good job of this as evidenced by this year’s record prize pool. Keep it up.

Again, I reiterate – honor this competition by arriving on time and being a working part of the larger whole as it pertains to the event functioning efficiently.

Also remember – every team must appoint 4 people for the following roles

1) Team Captain
2) Team Scribe
3) Team Runner
4) Team service liaison

Your table packet will explain in detail what these 4 roles entail, so I won’t go into it here.

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