Extra Chairs

You want extra seats on Super Saturday? 

They are $10/seat and they will be sold one at a time in order of your cumulative finish until they are gone.

Check how many you presently have, figure out how many you’d like and if it is worth the $10 per and then reply below with EXACTLY how many you would buy if they were available. Don’t be shy if you want a lot, you never know how many times through the list we’ll make it.

(example; you earned 4 – you have eight that would like to play Saturday – you’re willing to shell out the $40 – reply 4)

The forecast for Saturday on Wednesday morning will determine how many seats we sell. It could be as many as 40 or as few as 20.

Any team can purchase chairs, even if you aren’t using all that you qualified for.

Also – IF you are planning to bring your own chairs & donate them, you MUST let us know today how many extra spaces you want.  People that show up unannounced, even if they bring their own chairs, will still be turned away.  Whether you’re looking to purchase or bring your own, let us know TODAY!

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