The Cumulative Phase is COMPLETE!

Bryan: MTM X has come and gone in Carrollton with the final game at Samba Loca this evening. The one tournament team in the house was joined by 6 non tourny teams and were treated to the same game that Brewhouse hosted on Friday night.

After one team met the business end of the Gainesville Rule and forfeited #20 and 2nd team made the infamous Grape/Purple mistake on #20 the final result came down to Sexy Time (anchored by Alliance’ Shane Smith) with a winning 69 and Glass 1/2 Full picking up 2nd place bonus points at 64. Itch on my gooch finish 3rd at 53 after water, sugar, grape brings their strong night to a halt.

Bobby: The cherry on the proverbial sundae came in Athens with a few questions left to be answered.
The really big one was who would be your 4th place team?
FMAF only showed up with 2 players at Allens and watched as B8Shaq post 87 and 3rd, which added 10 points to their cumulative and gave them a 9 point lead heading downtown to Amici.
The rest of the crew showed up for the nightcap needing to add 9 points to a baseline score of 60.

There are times when I can see what is about to happen pretty clearly and I knew what this game had in store for the players before we started.

In a nutshell, this game would play pretty loose until the 4th qtr. and then it would become a tar pit.

So I’m watching FMAF play a pretty adequate game, strolling to what looks to be a cinch 69, finishing the 3rd qtr with 63, and knowing full well that they will shut it the fuck DOWN the second they hit 70 and collect their prize money on Saturday unless I float an absolute gimme on #20…

I also know they MIGHT go through the 4th qtr without scoring – which will cause a few of them to pee their pants..

Will they stay calm? Will they fight through and get the points they need? The answer through questions #16 – #19 was no and they sat at the doorstep of 5th place with only #20 remaining.

Put yourself in their shoes, that’s a pretty spooky place to be, especially considering how bright and sunny the world appeared after #15.

They nailed #20, for 20 – take 3rd and score 83.

So, in the grand scheme of things, the cumulative was a compelling competition until the very last question for a few teams. And the fact that they wound up @ 63 on #19 and not 71 actually allowed them to ‘what the fuck’ the last bid and collect $15 extra.

Good job and a tip of the cowboy hat to the Air Force..

United celebrate their success with two wins tonight, Rash place 2nd @ Amici (93), Rosa Parks snipes 2nd @ Allens…

I’m going to channel Juan Antonio Sama-tard and declare this the greatest cumulative tournament in the decade of March Trivia Madness.

Great competition everyone.
I’m going to throw bouquets at Brent & Bryan for upholding (and at times exceeding) the high level of quality, integrity, and valor demanded by Full Contact audiences.

To the teams I say well played. We consistently saw the finest trivia ever played by a few teams. And some startling flashes of brilliance by almost all.

You can start at the BOTTOM of the leader board and toss a team name out and I can tell you about a night that they would have beaten you into smoke…

MAKE SURE that you are paying attention to the Triviaheads page and this week.

Today we are announcing the Team sizes based on RSVPs and what you’ve earned.

Tomorrow you will declare how many seats you would like to buy (if any) based on that posting.

Wednesday we will have assigned the teams what we have available and you will at that point have an updated RSVP..

Any questions?

TEAM TOTAL Base Scores Perf. Attendance Current Hi
United 1086 930 156 159 101
BB vs. BOE 1026 894 132 216 92
Muffins 1014 873 141 115 101
FMAF 951 840 111 184 83
B8Shaq 934 838 96 84 87
Alliance 915 804 111 74 109
Southern Posse 853 772 81 69 84
Pabst Playboys 842 761 81 255 91
#9 815 761 54 33 72
Ray-Ray 813 765 48 47 102
What’s My Name 806 746 60 90 86
Buckhead R’Nex 789 750 39 57 91
Kramerica 787 748 39 73 88
Challenged 783 726 57 207 105
Glass 1/2 Full 783 717 66 176 102
T2RB 755 737 18 103 81
Boston Braves 721 703 18 78 73
Jimmy Jams 699 681 18 69 56
Rash 690 678 12 69 93
Dick.mpeg 676 631 45 64 94
Just The Tip 662 641 21 145 79
The Experience 657 639 18 50 76
Red 622 598 24 77 83
Step-Dads 557 542 15 80 96
Minor Alliance 512 494 18 36 80
Balls 425 422 3 37 84
Ears 165 165 0 11 0
Maroons 101 92 9 7 92
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