MTM X Prizes

A word from Bobby:

This year’s list of prizes

1st Place – St Patrick’s Cup – $1100

*May select an MVP for induction into the Ancient & Mysterious Order of the Tassel

2nd Place – Big Baby Trophy – $500
3rd Place – Little Baby Trophy – $200

Cumulative Champion – $500 –
Runner Up – $200
3rd – $100

4th – $50 2 Pitchers
5th – $30 2 Pitchers
6th – $25 house 2 pitchers
7th – $20 house 2 pitchers
8th – $15 house 2 pitchers
9th – $10 house 2 pitchers
10th – $5 house 2 Pitchers

Top Finishing Non Winner from –

Atlanta – $75
Gainesville/Athens – $75
Carrolton/Canton – $75

Awards For Excellence In –

Sports – Sports Medal – $50

Music – Music Medal – $50

Best Dressed – $25 House

Travel Award – Blackthorn Walking Stick & $50

All money collected for extra chairs will be split evenly between the Champions and the winner of the ‘Consumption Award.

Consumption Award – Top per person check average will receive the consumption award. This team will split the chair buy-in with the champions..

Lifetime Achievement Award – $50 & Blackthorn Walking Stick

The following players will be inducted into the A&MootT

The honorable John Duckworth – Trivia Bowl V MVP
The honorable Skip ‘Pops’ Putnam – Night @ the Movies MVP
Winners from the Pairs Game April 15th will be recognized

Random Pitcher Drawings at the end of rounds 1, 2, & 3

Dumbass Award – Dumbass Trophy & Pitcher

Total Budget –

Prize Money Awarded – $3200+
Pitchers Awarded – 21
Prizes Awarded – $978

Total – $4388+

(does not include any late purchased seats)

Money Collected –
$2600+ from players
$500 + $100 in house cash + 21 Pitchers from the venue (I turned down an offer from Twisted Tavern for $750 fwiw)
= $3200

$4388-$3200= $-1288 <— that’s out of pocket children – you’re fucking welcome 😉

But let’s wax a wee bit philosophical for a second.

Every year, we intentionally run this thing at a time when 100 reasons are conspiring to keep you home or away from trivia.

It starts the week after the Super Bowl, so everyone is tired and broke after the holidays.. and the weather is a God Damned JOY, right?

Then we run it through Spring Break and the 1st hints of good weather, which is a good reason to be off doing something else. Of course there are a number of events that go down as well – NCAA Hoops ramp up, St. Patrick’s Day, Various Spring Football games, The Masters, Daytona 500.. Hell, even if it’s just let’s sit on the porch and enjoy the weather.. there are a number of reasons to take a week or three off this time of year.. and you all come – every week.

Best money I spend every year

Thank you all from the bottom of my blackened and crusty little heart…

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