Week 6 FINAL!

Bobby: Allen’s was host to 8 tournament teams that all found the terrain bumpy – except for B8Shaq, which cruised to 92 points before question #18, then settled back and eased into a 91 point win. T2RB seem to be playing better (not that they’ve been playing especially poorly) in fits and starts as evidenced by their 76 point 2nd. Horsedick.mpeg take 3rd (69), which is becoming a theme. Experience are a tough luck best of the rest with 68.

As for the near brawl at the bar, I’ll say this… The guy deserved to have his ass whipped and did everything he could to goad me into it, then played the victim when I obliged him. I’m glad I didn’t beat his ass, but he had one coming… I don’t think anyone in attendance would refute that. The odd thing is, before trivia he seemed real nice and I had a little chat with him.. weird. He got angry when I wouldn’t give him credit for a couple of clearly wrong answers (which were discussed openly in front of the entire room), then decided he’d try to shut the show down…

At Amici – 7 tourney teams in the audience and this game was even less predictable. Almost every team had wild up and down swings which means at one point in time or another, virtually every tournament team felt pretty good about their chances.

In the end, a new team, Gaddafi Looks like a Porn Shop Owner, wound up tying with United for 1st with 92, United edged past them in OT (a close OT fwiw) and Horsedick.mpeg take yet another 3rd with 91. Rash are the only team worth a mention past that as they post their lone score of the week, a rather ‘meh’ 55.

This is a week 6 FINAL, meaning this one counts. 2/3rds of the tournament is now history… Time to muster the troops for a final push to the finish.
Whether you are in a scrap for an extra seat or two or you have a legitimate shot at something loftier, hit the ground running in week 7 and remember, it’s the game you DON’T play that’ll get you beat…


TEAM TOTAL Base Scores Perf. Attendance Current Hi
United 690 618 72 88 92
BB vs. BOE 688 586 102 135 100
Muffins 675 576 99 68 90
B8Shaq 661 595 66 55 91
FMAF 652 571 81 110 81
Alliance 625 541 84 47 84
Southern Posse 578 524 54 46 95
#9 546 513 33 27 57
What’s My Name 543 507 36 54 109
Pabst Playboys 539 491 48 173 65
Challenged 528 492 36 140 87
T2RB 512 494 18 67 76
Buckhead R’Nex 511 490 21 38 90
Glass 1/2 Full 506 476 30 121 109
Jimmy Jams 494 479 15 49 64
Boston Braves 491 476 15 50 73
Kramerica 478 457 21 41 78
Ray-Ray 473 452 21 26 102
Just The Tip 462 444 18 100 73
The Experience 451 439 12 35 68
Rash 433 427 6 38 55
Red 412 391 21 38 89
Dick.mpeg 397 379 18 40 91
Minor Alliance 380 365 15 26 94
Step-Dads 337 328 9 45 9
Ears 165 165 0 11 0


Now, here are the seating assignments as of the end of week 6:

United – Unlimited
BB vs. BOE – 17
Muffins – 16
B8shaq – 15
FMAF – 14
Alliance – 13
Posse – 12
#9 – 11
Name? – 10
Playboys – 9
Then we have the group of teams allowed 8:
Challenged / T2RB / Rednex / Glass 1/2 Full / Jimmy Jams
The 6 group:
Boston Braves / Kramerica / Ray-Ray / Just The Tip / The Experience
The 4 group:
Rash / Red / Horsedick.mpeg / Minor Alliance / Step-Dads / Ears

If you’re looking to *move up* in the standings, here are your targets:
9 or more — 539 pts (Playboys)
8 range — 494 pts (Jimmy Jams )
6 range — 451 pts (The Experience)

Those are the lowest ranked teams in each group at the conclusion of Week 6.  So, for example, all teams in the 6 group are within 43 points of 2 extra chairs.  Everyone in the 8 group is within 45 points of more chairs.

With 3 weeks to play, either is absolutely attainable.  The question now is…: which teams really want those extra chairs?

Also, with 3 weeks to go, the cumulative is potentially, for I think the first time ever this late in the game, a 3 team race with 2 others which could potentially snipe some cash… Those top 3 or 5 are pretty consistent.  The cumulative race could actually come down to not their level of play (which, to borrow Bobby’s phrase, seems to be a drumbeat), but rather to that of a few other teams.  Here are the side stories that I think could affect how the cumulative plays out:

1.  Canton gets tougher – There’s no question that Muffins’ tactical move of sending Robert to Canton twice weekly has paid off bigtime, and he has racked up performance points left and right.  However, he was often taking advantage of incomplete teams who played irregularly.  With the Southern Posse now fully joined for the stretch run of the tournament, they could pose a threat to Muffin’s steady income of performance points.  If Challenged ever stops crossing off all the right answers, they could do the same.  Compounding this is the rumor that Ray-Ray might up their attendance to 2 games a week, sometimes even the full slate, and even bringing out the parents from time to time.  Robert’s one of the best individual players I’ve ever seen, so Muffins will still get plenty of points… But I’ll be surprised if they come as easy as they have.

2. Monkey Barrel – FMAF aren’t out of it yet, but they’re dealing with #9 on Tuesdays, the North Alliance squad on Thursdays, and the Pabst Chinese Army both games, all of which are capable of eating into their performance points.  Hopefully FMAF keeps playing both games – it worked for them this week, when Tuesday proved to be much more navigable thanks to #9’s decision to wait a couple of days.

3. Athens teams getting serious – T2RB, Jimmy Jams, Rash, Ears, I’m talking about you.  My guess is these teams, in an effort to start prepping for Super Saturday, start trying to compile full teams and playing a few Sundays.  These teams are all capable of sniping house cash from B8shaq and United.  As the tournament approaches and they get a little more serious about things, I think they’ll start to do that.  Even Alliance could invade the occasional Sunday (B8shaq has yet to beat Alliance heads up this tournament season).

I also think that Alliance and other teams like Alliance (teams that have yet to field more than 3 players at once from their eventual MTM lineup, and have only topped 1 a handful of times) will seek more opportunities to get some “table time”, so to speak.  If they and others do that, more performance points could be sniped.

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  1. God says:

    Rumor has it Bobby Brown will make a trip or two to Athens and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few Gainesville pilots from the FMAF show up either.. That would be pretty tense … Bobby Brown, FMAF, United, B8Shaq, and perhaps even Alliance in the room at the same time – most at relatively full strength… Throw in Experience, Jimmy Jams, T2RB, Horsedick, Rash, and who knows – maybe even Ears and that’s a pretty scary menagerie of talent…

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