Week 5 – Seating update

We’re going to start getting RSVP totals this week, or at least beating the bushes and expecting your answer next week. New teams realize this, what we’re doing is getting a HARD COUNT as to the maximum number of people you will bring if you are able. Empty seats are not tolerated, so don’t guess high and think that it will be OK if you have empty seats. We need to piece the rooms together the night before and it’s WAY BAD to be sitting at a table with three empty seats (or even one) while others are stacked on top of each other or while other teams are forced to leave people home.
We’ll offer the extra seats, if any, one at a time by order of cumulative finish until they are gone @ $10/seat OR you can bring a folding cafeteria chair that we get to keep (about $8 at Wal-Mart last time I bought one).
It will have to do with the weather as about 70 seats at the venue are on an uncovered patio. We may be able to get a cover for this, but it’d definitely be ‘roughing it’ if it’s raining hard. We will not make anyone sit under the temporary tent unless they choose to do so …

Teams that have empty seats are subject to being moved to accommodate the needs of the whole and your landing spot may not be something you like. HARD COUNT means HARD COUNT. Excuses will be ignored.

This is how many people you can presently bring… You can improve your position by being smarter – right away – or by adding a game or two to your itinerary for the purposes of accumulating bonus points

1) United – Unlimited
2) Muffins – 17
3) BB v – 16
4) B8Shaq – 15
5) FMAF – 14
6) Alliance – 13
7) # Nine – 12
8) Posse – 11
9) Pabst Pla – 10
10) Challen – 9
11) Jimmy J – 8
12) T2RB – 8
13) Name? – 8
14) B R’Nex – 8
15) BBraves – 8
16) Kramerica – 6
17) Just Tip – 6
18) Glass 1/2 – 6
19) The Exp – 6
20) Rash – 6
21) Ray – 4
22) Step-Dad – 4
23) Red – 4
24) Dick.mpeg – 4
25) Minor Allnc – 4
26) LetGoEars – 4

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3 Responses to Week 5 – Seating update

  1. Bryan says:

    Can teams with extra seats “sell” those seats to other squads? For example Alliance has 13 seats currently and will likely only use 6….so could an enterprising young lad like myself sell those 7 seats to a less fortunate team? Lol.

  2. Bob says:

    Six seats? Is that 5 regular seats and one high chair for the little fella?

  3. John Parr says:

    I appreciate adding the seat thing to this year’s cumulative race as added motivation to show up every week, but I think it’s created kind of a logistical nightmare. I will bring as many people to the championship game as I’m able, but when will we know if extra seats are available? Not knowing until the day of would put me in a difficult position to ask people to show.

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